Sunday, October 01, 2006

results galore

Unga has just released their perenial bad results. i really dont understand how come against a background of a booming economy, this miller keeps on returning such pathetic results. what will happen to it when we face a downturn?

and KPLC after co much hype, the price rallying at 280 and a number of people shouting split! split! returned disappointing results and the price plunged a massive 50 bob! what i dont understand is how come KPLC being a private company still operates like a political tool? am told in some parts of this country , one pole is 50,000 bob so if getting elec to your area needs 4 poles then you require about 300K some money are for the transformer and a deposit. how can such a firm be successful? it reminds one of safaricom before the relaunch when it was costing 250,000 to buy a line yet this to the firm is an asset from which they are going to derive future benefits. why cant they role out their network more and get more pple and lower costs. how come nobody gets the drift. safaricom is not successful because of high costs. its coz of high numbers. the opportunities are huge, the willpower ... well.

I have been reading a number of blogs and posts in certain sites which offer 'investor advice'. On one site, this master advisor is telling people to buy sameer africa now since they are about to list 'eveready' . according to him/her when eveready is listed, the price of sameer will go up very fast since the ipo will be oversubscribed! on another site they said you should kplc because the price went up by 20 bob and so on.

tip of the day i just learnt that if anyone knows how to double money in a week, he would not tell you unless the money is in fake notes!


  1. Sameer Africa (Tyres) is a different entity from Sameer Group.. I think these guys want to "dump" their Sameer Africa shares!

  2. Odegle, I have read thae propaganda in stockskenya. My opinion is that Smaeer Africa's sjhaere price has got nothing to do with the Eveready IPO. The rumour is by frustrated speculators.


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