Wednesday, January 30, 2008

style up or keep off

I have told people time and again that this is not an insult blog. i have offered advice that there are very many Raila bashing blogs all over the net. even some hitherto great forums which were turned to Raila hate forums and for insulting luos and encouraging hate upon them. I have even made one dedicated post on such trivial issues as circumcision. in that post i stated that i was perfectly comfortable with my bodily state and was not about to change it whether you called me a baby or a grown up. i infact said that such insult meant as litle to me as calling a lion ignorant.

further am educated that circumcision in its old form was a sign of manhood and that such men were supposed to protect women and children (here refered to as uncircumcised) its therefore rather cowardly for these so called 'men' who come to this site to brag about their cut. Avoiding equaly cut men from Kalenjin community to attack the kihii, women and children from luo community. If you are as man as you suppose to be why come to this private blog to yell that to me? Why cant you go to Rift valley and face off with equally cut men there. why hurl insults behind annonimity?

and if thats too hard, why waste your time and mine on this blog coz i will surely delete your vitriol. just google Raila and you will find so many blogs, sites, fora dedicated to insults, propaganda and all sorts of human hate against that one man. that should be good enough advice. Meanwhile, no one is under any coercion or duress to navigate to, read or comment on this blog and if you hate peace and you hate this country that much just keep off. Its easier i guess than being circumcised under general anesthesia in a high cost city hospital!

and to those who keep on talking about smelly foreskins, let me tell you this; am sorry to disappoint you but am straight and married. so tough luck.

some good news

I have been sent this message by a friend. it made my heart so glad am not waiting to publish and i hope and pray that its true:

I am certain that it wouldn't take a a lot to get the by in of the rank and file to enforce some sensible rules. After all, wananchi are beginning to do this themselves. Yesterday, people in Kenya Re Estate, Kisumu, battled with youth trying to break into their estates to flush out Kikuyus. Eventually they overpowered the Estate 'force' but they didn't find any Kikuyus (because the few remaining were hidden in Luo houses). And this sort of thing happens al ot in ethnic oriented clashes.

In Nakuru
Neighbors have formed vigilante groups (All "Communities") to guard their estates from marauding thugs (both Mungiki & Warriors)

In Moi's Bridge
Residents of Nyakinyua Farm (One Community) have reached a "peace agreement" with the neighboring farm (from the "Other Community") NOT to attack each other. Peace prevails there.

and while the other things happened, the NSE almost crushed yesterday. but i remind myself that this is a great opportunity to take positions and also bottom out. should a solution be found, and it seems highly likely, the market is going to rebound in a fashion never seen before even greater than 2006!

Monday, January 28, 2008

more hate , more evil ,

yesterday, the priest at the Holy family basilica, almost broke down during his homily as he recounted how his friend and fellow priest Rev Fr. Michael Kamau met his death in the hands of those who were his flock before. the man was so emotional, he at one point just threw his hands in the air is despair. it was sad. this priest was a dean of students in kapsabet. he had worked among these people for long, he heard their confessions, he paid their school fees, he baptized them, married them, buried their dead etc. so he thought they would spare him since they knew him. well he never made his journey. they cut him like wood and then stoned his lifeless body till he succumbed. that was in eldama ravine.

as that was going on, in Naivasha a friend tells me of how she witnessed a man pulled out of a full bus and hacked to death as fellow passengers looked on. his fault ? he could not speak kikuyu and he was the only luo in the bus. that was after some more luos were burnt alive in a house in the same town. in naivasha, the police were pedestrian, and they tried to talk 'sense' to the mungiki who armed with all manner of weaponry. they never lobbed teargas, neither did they shoot to kill. only when riots broke up in kisumu did they shoot again and kill innocent kenyans of course in kisumu. like i said before, luos dont kill but the police have been ordered to kill them on sight. the kikuyus who kill and maim with abandon in nakuru , naivasha , nairobi etc are let to go scot free.

but what i find most disturbing in all this is one. we all agree Kibaki stole the election as was expected (he is an extraction of a culture of thugs anyway) . He was sworn in as president and so he has the instruments of power. How come therefore are these things going on without his raising even his little finger? he is as silent as graveyard. his absense is more pronounced than the sound of gunfire taking the life of luos in kisumu. i wonder when he will come to realize he is still in charge anyway and stop this madness everywhere in the republic??? and where is that lucy wife of his. at least she is more presidential that kibaki why cant she take control once more and save the country? i heard she did it before anyway!

Or is the man hiding. yesterday, worshipers at the basilica waited for almost 15 minutes for the mass to start having been told that the man was coming for mass there. he never showed up even though the front seats were preserved for him, cameras set and even the parking lot cleared of some vehicles. the man remained hidden in state house. even if the kikuyu must have one of their own in the house of meals, am sure they can get a better one who can provide leadership. I propose Martha Karua.

And as that is going on, i have heard of the admission of Moi to hospital. i wish him quick recovery. i hope he does not go the route of the other former dictators who according to Madd Madd World normally die in stages.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wananere te , , ,

I would like to sing you a song
But i dont know its tone, i dont know its words.
i dont know the mood that it must set, the message it should send or the beat it must hit.
I dont know if it should be a song of war or a dirge, an anthem or a harvest chorus. i dont know if i must mourn your demise or celebrate your courage.
I cant know really, for i know not how you feel, how you felt. I dont know the pain you had, as the enemy closed in, the smoke filled your nose and baked your lungs as your feet faintly kicked. i can only imagine the scorch of the fire, blazing the roof of your church away. i can imagine, your wondering why the Lord had deserted his own house and left you to smolder like dry wood in a kiln. i don't know, if you tried to flee but was trampled on by your fellow victims. For that am unable to sing your song.

I want to sing you a song, but i cant, for i know not which pained more, the sharp, cold iron , tearing through your side, like the Lord on that Friday. or was it theft of the vote, that you saw in broad day light. i cant tell if the heavy boots that kicked your side and cracked your ribs, hurt more, as your blood rushed out and your heart collapsed for lack of work to do. i dont know really the beat for the song.

I feel i must sing you a song, to try and live your moments, walking alone in the wee of morning, wise like an early bird to look for your daily bread, for your wife, your child and maybe your other relative. that you felt the sharp cold machete, slicing through your left shoulder, or the blunt metal, hitting hard on your head. i don't know what other insults pierced your heart at that moment before your soul deserted your body.

I can only wonder, what you had promised your small baby girl that morning, that daddy will come back with a sweet? chips? crayon? a toy? books? or a meal that she may have gone without for weeks. i dont know what you had hoped for your son going into form one next month, or for your daughter so full of promise.

Your song must be sung, for the bravery, that bore the sharp, hooked arrow, that took the tear gas, the bone crushing 'rungu' the itchy water and the bullet. the bullet that tore through your tin shanty, snapping off your life as you held your only daughters dress in your hand. i dont know the stories you were telling her. i can only imagine. maybe you were reassuring her young heart, that the noise would cease, that the tin walls would protect her and her mother from the rage of the state which had turned against its own people. maybe you were praying for her in your heart that her future would be different and she would not have to live in a tin. its all an imagination.

your song is being sung in my heart, i hummed it last night as i whispered a prayer. i gave it the beat of my heart, still fortunate, still running, as the image of your lifeless body, severed limbs, charred remains ,and wasted blood filed my screen. you heard that the cost of having one of your own at the house of meals would only be a million bob a plate, which million was paid by a few thousand men, whose blood isnt as red as yours, nor bone as white. but you were not forewarned that in absence of a million, your contribution would be your blood that would be drawn to quench this dry and thirsty land of Kenya. that you would be roasted to ashes, in the very presence of the Lord you serve.

your song must be sung , you young angels, of thirteen, ten, eight or maybe barely months. who could not live to be sextu, septu or octogenerians, who hold onto power like a drowning man to a straw. i salute your innocent lives that have gone before us for our nations belligerence. i salute you, you whose lives were taken in your mothers wombs, when they suffered, defilement and crushed under that vile sin. your song must be sung

i have sung the song, with a beat of my heart, i have sung it to God, with no words, no murmurs, with a mind blank and numb like that of a fool. With a hope strong like your will of iron. your hope for Kenya, your faith in your neighbor, in your vote , in your state that feeds off your very sweat, but who took your life away! your lives reduced to statistics, the five hundred. six hundred . the thousand . two thousand. the nothing. just the statistics
I have sung your song to God. you will hear your song. for God will sing it back to you.

... nindi maber, wananere te.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Of hate based leadership and the fear factor

Last Sunday just after church, i was stopped by a police officer who claimed he had been called by someone who reported that i had taken an illegal U-turn on valley road. i told the good officer with all the words until my mouth was dry that I hadn't done any such thing. the man was adamant and insisted that i was guilty. the more i told him the more he got annoyed and resolved to take me forward. he asked for my DL and found i didn't have it,I had it at home. He then asked for my ID and noticed that i was a luo and that even worsened my case. he then went on to tell me that it was important for me to agree to the mistake so that at least he would then consider forgiving me. but I did not see how i was going to accept that. i then told him, i was just from church and that he was spoiling the good mood that i had got from church. all of a sudden the officer turned into a preacher. he explained to me over and over that the country was facing a crisis because of people like me who commit sins and refuse to repent leave alone accept. "Dont be cheated that these things are just happening. God is annoyed with Kenya and we are being punished. thats why you are seeing people killing each other, houses burning and people being shot. People like you come from church, then commit offenses and refuse to acknowledge. the man was surprisingly very eloquent once he adopted the preaching stance. i wanted badly to tell him that the chaos were directly attributed to one man called Kibaki who had committed a worse crime of stealing from the poor the only tool they had to make changes in their lives but again i thought the better of it. i did not want to stand here any longer and in any case my mouth was already feeling dry and sour. I wanted to be reunited with my ID and my car and be allowed to go! Well after taking me through the sermon, and giving me all the examples in the book, he handed me my ID and promised that the good Lord will catch up with me and punish me for the offense and for refusing to acknowledge a fault!

and the man reminded me of what everyone says about Kenyans. that Kenyans are a God fearing people and will not allow this or that to happen. I don't know what that means exactly. like i say silence does not mean peace. just as cowardice is not the same thing as politeness and as frigidity does not equal fidelity.

If they were God fearing, then there would not be this kind of corruption in the country. neither would there be so much tribalism, that certain people would not get jobs in certain places, nor get roads built nor drugs in hospitals just because of their language. And if they were as peaceful, then what would make one pick up a panga and slash a neighbor, a co-worker or even a stranger who had done no wrong?

and on top of that, i suppose if they were God fearing then they would quit involving God in their sins. after the theft, Kibaki quickly sought the blessing from church leaders. i also don't think God is punishing anyone in Kenya. I doubt if God works that way. People are doing wrong things and there is no easy escape from it all. we cant blame a superior being for our own undoings.

But what baffles me most is one: according to reports, luos in kisumu or elsewhere, never killed any kikuyu or even kisii. they demonstrated yes and destroyed many things. but they never touched the life of anyone. Luos are normally very loud people but they fear blood so they never kill. In rift valley, many kikuyus and kisiis have been killed. in fact official figures point to more than 300 people in rift valley alone. some even burned in church. What therefore baffles me then is this; Why is it that kikuyus are killing luos in kabete, juja and other places and not kalenjins who are actually killing them? why is it also that the government ordered shoot to kill only in Luo areas like Kisumu and Kibera and not in the truly danger zones of the rift valley. Is it not clear to anyone that the luo, though loud are as harmless as a frog that blows its body up to scare a bull from drinking? already, in kabete, the locals are looking for 50 heads of luos only! one senior administrator in the campus was lured to his fatal death by kikuyu workmates the other day. those guy pretending to be friends, offered him a drink in a local pub only to hand him over to his assassins.

why this hate, why this fear?

the past govts of Kenya have all lived with only one morbid fear and real hate of luos. it all confounds me since these guys are quite accommodating and rather pleasant.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kenya has LEADERS

In the midst of all the police murders, the stolen vote, the arrogance of karua, michuki and company. in the turmoil in the rift valley, nyanza, nairobi, coast, western and many other parts of kenya, we still have seen some kenyans who have come out to provide reason, leadership and moral high ground; these are the people i salute this morning:

Maina Kiai - living according to his belief and by the standards he has set for himself and his officers, has not disappointed. he has strongly advocated for a Kenyan nation, that includes all. he cries for mungiki fair trial just as he equally stands for an end to police brutality, ethnic cleansing , and election rigging. Maina, your being and your stand alone make me proud to be a Kenyan much more than any song, or moto or whip can.

Francis Atwoli - the man who according to Kituyi is not supposed to be having anything between his ears, has consistently provided leadership, he did so when the country was divided in the time of the referendum, and was to do the same at the time of the general election. Atwoli has brought pride back to the workers body which had been turned into a political stepping stone in the nyayo years. the other day he said he will not sit back and watch as his workers are murdered by whoever it is. indeed what atwoli was doing was to prod other business leaders to make their voices be heard. it doesn't matter how much money the blue chips donate to aid the displaced, they must show an interest in providing a lasting solution. this is the time for business leaders, CEOs, and the like to take a stand.

Michael Joseph - Showed that his is also a social calling, and made sure his very important commodity - airtime was available at this time so that at least people can talk. talk at this time is very important. also he is make peace appeals through the phone services

Okongo O'mogeni - i salute the chairman for making a firm stand on what he must. that if the elections were rigged, they must be resolved. Okongo, has made the firm stand even though some people are opposed to it. he is a leader and has provided the leadership

Kenneth Marende
- Must be every ones star at the moment. Only heaven can tell what would have happened had he declined to administer oath to those MPs. some people say his impartiality was stage managed. but i saw a firm man. balanced and relaxed. just the man who should be president. and he won fair and square. no rigging as the Thief-in-chief looked on in anger and disbelief

Joseph Karoki - through his blog, the man has shown the world what is really going on. when everyone else is telling us to keep quiet, sweep this under the carpet, bottle the anger and move on. Karoki has shown the world the whole truth and nothing but the truth. very little comments just pictures that leave the reader to make his own judgement. you can see the blog here

Lt Nthenge - the guy has already been feted by many but he remains my star. the young man talked to the other young people's heart to avert a potentially dangerous scene. had he decided to open fire, we all now know what could have happened. but one quick reasoning from him won the day. you make me proud officer.

There are many other leaders out there but these ones have come to mind very fast, you may also have other leaders you want to salute this morning. please do

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Please STOP!

Kibaki , for the sake of the God of the people who mow your lawn, mop your house or cook your dinner , STOP SHOOTING AND KILLING PEOPLE IN KISUMU AND KIBERA!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

peace in turmoil

When my friend's wife came for holiday last December from the free world, the first joke she cracked or so i thought was "Where are the lanes?" she was referring to the road. i looked at her and smiled. i remembered that when she left for the free world, she hadn't driven in this chaos. she learnt how to drive in the order, courtesy and law of the advanced economy. now she just marveled at how we maneuvered the disorder, did not give way to anyone and was not given way either. she couldn't believe that one could drive in this mess. but another friend commented; "Do you see anyones car scratched or any accidents happening coz of the lack of courtesy? its because in all these chaos there is a non-written law that we use and that helps us to move around. that law only applies to those who live in nairobi"

well due to the conflict, i have not had to apply that unwritten law until yesterday when the traffic went back to 'normal'. it was some sort of relief to be able to fight with matatus for the space between cars, block someones way at the T-junction as i waited for the jam ahead of me and also be inconvenienced by other impatient drivers blocking the round about. But its our city and the in spite of the disregard for traffic rules we all know of, we get to get to work, hospital, homes etc. its order in total disorder but it works for us.

am thinking that in the same way we can accept this turmoil also as part and parcel of our kenyanness, police can control the places where their numbers allow. and let the other thugs control the other areas. we can have a non-written law that if you are from this and that community , you cannot have permanent residence/investment in such and such a place. or own a matatu etc. by the way this rule already applies in some parts of Kenya. if you are not from this particular community, and you invest in that place, you will suffer some of the most horrendous crimes against humanity known to man and woman. enough of my friends who thought they were liberated by education have had to sell their properties for a song after muggings , rape and robbery became their daily life drama. somehow their neighbors with better 'digses' have not been touched. so all this unwritten laws just need to spread all over the country . once every one does it, it will be perfectly ok as is also our driving in Nairobi. after all when everyone does it , it no longer becomes a crime!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

'Rev' year opening

After staying indoors, consuming acres and decibels of media both foreign local and diasporian-local blogs on the sorry state of our democracy (or is it dictatorship?) i eventually decided time was ripe to listen and watch Musa Juma do his thing. the crowd was small and rather cautious. most tables had just two or three patrons almost whispering not the often happy lots that patronize this joint. it was clear that throats had suffered a great deal during the house arrest of the past two weeks. the stage was set by Musas band who belted instrumentals of some of the best kenyan productions of the past decades done by musicians across the country. then Musa went the well known path of his numbers. but it was when he took a break that things really did change, the DJ started with one of the most famous campaign songs praising Raila Odinga. the rather long song that goes through the history of ODM from the Kivuitu announcement of ndizi na chungwa during referendum, the squabbles in ODM, the Kalaonzo betrayal, the presidential nominations till the launch of ODMs campaign in the day of the thunder, got everyone on the feet. it is a deeply emotional praise for a man. you could almost touch the emotions of the people reminiscing on what would and should have been. the revelers danced almost unnaturally as if to get rid of the spell it had cast on them during the campaigns, or as being controlled by the mysterious spirit of the composition.

but elsewhere, the situation still doesn't let pple 'rev' instead, people still cant believe that their long time neighbors could rise against them. but i also met one of those neighbors from the 'bad' areas who also could not believe that their long time neighbors could betray their collective cause. they thought that all those who had lived with them for 30 years of govt neglect, without proper roads , hospitals, schools, etc would vote with them for change. they could not see why the neighbor would vote for Kibaki when they both suffered the lack of proper services , resources and equality. what informed their choice of Kibaki? i was asked. "you can see for yourself, the bad roads, the lack of basic amenities and so on" so why would someone living in this area not want change? thats why we asked them to leave. if they cant see our problems then we dont need them!!!"

Well now i know. but elsewhere, disturbing reports are reaching the country that museveni has sent his troops to Kenya, i have recieved several of such messages. even one claiming that Jimmy Kibaki was shot by his mum for asking the dad to step down. i never forward those things. but am not only getting those sides of the rumor. i also get smses suggesting very nasty things about Raila and his purpoted coup plan, even nasty ones about his sexual life and one comparing Raila with Congo. how does one man compare with a whole country , i dont know.

it only scares me that the nasty hate smses that characterized the campaign period are still very much alive. this is a very sad situation only made worse by insistence by the authorities that things are normal. THINGS ARE NOT NORMAL! quit burying your heads in the sand and act!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Its a Harvest time!

As the country continues to bleed and burn, one sector (or should it be called industry ) is laughing and gloating like crocos during the masai mara migration. it reminds you of those national geographic documentaries about the african wild. that no dark situation is totaly dark to everyone.

this is the time when most NGOs will be getting more funding. the 'humanitarian' organizations are now busy writing fake proposals seeking funding to help the situation in Kenya. i met one program manager who is based in the southern sudan and he indicated to me that this was a great time for those people in kenya. the man doubted loudly about the number being tossed about as the people currently displaced or killed. the program managers must make it sound really bad for them to be able to open the fat purses in the west.

the other NGOs going to enjoy are the civil rights or civil society NGOs. they just love it when governance fails like now. you will recall that these guys were very active during Moi days only to die off when Kibz checked in, mainly because most were absorbed into government. but now some of them have been kicked off like Kituyi, kibwana etc. those guys am sure are going back to their offices to draft proposals on how to solve the stand offs.

and for the employees of these organizations, pay rise is in the offing since kenyas security rating maybe dropped further meaning the staffs will be given more hardship and security allowance

indeed, one ME officer once told me that they found world vision at one time had inflated the figures of the orphans they were supporting by over 10 times. while they claimed 34000 kids in their watch, they only actually had 1400!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

vital lessons from the poll

Time may have now come to pick up the pieces count the losses and most importantly take the vital lessons.

I would say for sure that now i can see Kalonzos miracle loud and clear even after i dismissed him in one earlier post. that he would emerge as the biggest winner is slowly unfolding. The man who is still quite young, articulate and sharp has beaten both former foe and friend to the most coveted position at the moment; the heir apperent. kibaki will be in his last term and so kalonzo can start using his position to reach out across the devide and position himself for the vote in 2012. the man finds himself in the same position one daniel arap moi did in the '70s. and if devine providence continues to be on his side. Kibaki can easily die in office after 2 years (the campaign seems to have taken a toll on the old man) and KM would ascend to power at least for 90 days. for that matter KM is poised to become the next prezo. i have learnt from that how KM exploited the stand off between Kibaki and raila two strong candidates for his last laugh. am sure the other liutenants in PNU who worked so hard must be looking from the sides with envy. KM will now be the boss of other presidential hopefuls like Kenyata, karua, kiraitu , kombo etc. the lesson i learn is: to succeed, think only of yourself and go for the kill come hell or highwater also you can use your tribe cleverly for your utmost price.

second lesson; never assume! the situation we find oursleves in was caused by assumptions. Kibaki camp assumed Raila was unelectable thats why they never worked hard enough in the begining. if fact PNU must thank steadman for showing them the emminent loss. else they would lost by such a wide margin that even the top-up rigging may have failed. but Raila's camp also made one fatal assumption. that Kibaki was a gentleman and would not attempt to rig that much. by the time they started realising what was cutting, the flood was already hiting the dyke. had they been fighting against a moi who was openly known for dirty tricks, am sure ODM would have been more vigilant even at the begining.

3rd lesson, tribe doesnt matter, wealth does. why do i say that? i read it in macharia gaithos article. there was absolute calm in the high class estates even as the other peupers slit each others throats! the poor turned against their neighbours from whome they have borrowed salt, sugar , bus fare. and even those who may have at one time or another baby sat their babies etc. here in kenya, the poor of each tribe are just used as the pawns a dangerous game of death, destruction and leadrship.

morality, uprightness, gentlemanness, truth , justice , peace and reconciliation , religion are all opiums for the poor. they dont matter to the rich.

Rich people never commit sin

finaly and this is someone else life mantra; GET RICH OR DIE TRYING (mine: get RICH today or get rich yesterday; use any means necessary!)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Between the Devil and the Deep blue sea!

its increasingly appearing that the self righteous catholic church who fed us on monthly pastoral letters criticizing the moi administration is facing the greatest moral challenge in their over 100 year history in kenya. i choose to talk about catholics since am a staunch believer in the principals that are taught in catechism. if Moi were in power, by now we could have had at least 3 pastoral letters condemning the rigging , the shooting of boys as young as 10 in Kisumu, the violence in rift valley, coast , nairobi , western and nyanza etc. But moi is gone and so the catholic church chooses to bury its head in the sand and wish it away. anyway its the same church that used to pray for slave raiders, the church who blessed colonialists and those sent to flush out mau mau. that church will now again look away as we die.

yesterday there were prayers everywhere and songs of peace, speeches and so on. the speakers reminding us that kenya was bigger than any one of us. well thats a lie. a country cannot be bigger than an individual. coz its the person who makes a country. the events of yesterday and indeed the peace song of Eric Wainaina that has been sung over and over in the media keep on reminding me of the '80s when moi thought that you could rule a country by keeping them singing peace songs and feeding them on patriotic speeches. it failed and its bound to fail again.

What those events aim at achieving is not peace but silence. muted silence. and like i read in things fall apart, better the enemy who screams and shouts at you and throws tantrums than the one who looks at you and walks away. i see kenyans being encouraged to keep quiet and not ask for justice. this is dangerous and if we incubate it further, the explosion, be it tomorrow or next decade will be worse than what we have seen so far. Justice is the answer. the loser must step down and if he cant then let there be a re-run.

i wish to repeat my call again here for the police to stop using live bullets on people in Kisumu!!!

and as predicted, politicians are already rushing to kibaki for a slice of the pie, the lack of peace not withstanding.

lastly as i have posted in answers to some comments, i wish to repeat that to me Kibaki does not mean the same thing as Kikuyu. Raila doesn't mean the same thing as Luo. the people in rift valley have shown the way and refused to be led or misled by Moi. they showed him in the poll that he Moi is not the same thing as kalenjin or rift valley. we must not allow people to lie to us that when they steal they steal for the community. for that matter i repeat that it was not the kikuyu who stole the vote. it was Kibaki through kivuitu and both must be condemned!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Children of a lesser God

That Kibaki stole the elections last week is no longer news to anyone anywhere. its a consensus even his own principal legal adviser has now accepted.

That there has been wanton violence , destruction of property and death of innocent people all over the country is also no news at all.

in fact no news is existing right now. the only thing we would wish for is news of Kibaki becoming human again and accepting that indeed as Jesus Christ came from Nazareth that despised part of israel, so can a man born of the Luo community be popularly and democratically elected president of Kenya.

in Kibakis campaign, he showed it clearly that he despised only one community, the luo. Luo nyanza as it is called was the only place the president never visited to look for votes or even create those many districts and indeed even now when violence broke, that was the only place where police were ordered to shoot to kill. in other places even the more dangerous Rift Valley, police had restraint and only used tear gas. you will note that Kisumu protesters only throw stones, in rift valley they use guns.

and today, the police commissioner has shown this even more by visiting Eldoret to talk to the people. again no need for talking to people in Kisumu!

In my view, this treatment of Luos as specially despised people is to a great extent the main cause of Kibaki's lose in the election as well as his lose of respect both nationally and internationally. his campaign was based on painting Raila dirty and a leader of poor filthy people who live in Kibera with no toilets. it was therefore quite difficult to accept the eventuality of a Raila win. Kibaki's camp could not reconcile to that fact and hence the embarrassingly awkward doctoring of election results.

i would think that even the riots and demonstrations have shocked Kibaki. he thought that Kenyan politicians , being largely selfish would quickly rush to him to be given VP posts, ministerial posts and other lucrative posts. so far only Kalonzo has shown interest. Other MPs in ODM are still staying put.

My call to the police would be to stop using live bullets on people wherever they are . Am even sad that Kibaki decided to disallow the meeting at uhuru park

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the human face of statistics

so it seems clear that Raila got some 4.25 million votes to Kibakis 3.76 million. those are statistics. the reality is that Raila got 4.24 something million and my vote! but Kenyans don't seem to agree on any numbers. even in eldoret some say 200 pple were burnt , others say 30 while some 50. in kisumu,the armed police, whom pple say are from uganda have shot dead more than 40 people. still stats. in mombasa 8 people were burnt to death in their houses. stats stats stats.

but yesterday, i was able to put a face or faces to the stories. i met real people whom had been affected by the violence occasioned by Kibaki's robbery of the otherwise peaceful election. the story was grim. these guys were dragged out of their houses in the dead of the night. they were told to choose to either join the 'revolution' or face death.

then i got an sms from an old friend who was worried about her family in mombasa. she asked me to pray for the country and the opposition. i told her i was finding it difficult to pray now that i saw the robbery live on national TV. i thought justice was a more important pursuit at this time. she got angry that i was not supporting Kibaki yet he had 'won' she told me not the talk to her anymore if i respected her!

further, another friend called me from lugari, she said the bridges in the area had been blown and so she could not get to eldoret from her village. the village is one of the most cosmopolitan in the country since its a settlement scheme. she said her neighbours, friends and even relatives whose IDs showed them belonging to either Kikuyu, Kisii or bukusu communities were asked to leave and go to central kenya. their houses were then burnt indiscriminately. in that area, the protestors are mainly kalenjin and pokots who as opposed to luos , have AK-47s and in kisumu another very long time friend of mine escaped death by the breadth of a hair when a live bullet landed just a few inches from her feat . she had missed the bullet when she fell out of fear. and you wont believe where that was; at the gate of St. Theresa's cathedral church in Kibuye. the poor lady had gone to church. yesterday morning on new year she found several bodies right in front of her gate.

am hoping that the revelation of the human faces to these chaos will jolt even the most hardened hearts of the Kibaki friends and family to see sense and hand over power to a democratically and popularly elected president. Kenya is bigger than Rwanda and containing a genocide will be much more complicated. the time to act is now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new Year

I wish you all a great new year with success in all that you plan or hope to do and May God bless all of us. more thoughts on families who have lost their loved ones especially kisumu where Kibaki has ordered the police to shoot live bullets to kill.

am praying for our country that justice can be found and peace restored