Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Marketing Kenya

I just read that the chairman of Kenya rugby association or whatever it is has submitted 'our' bid to host the next sevens world cup. they are competing with 7 other countries. the chairman complained that the government is not giving much thought towards supporting the bid. that they dont see the potential of what this can bring to the country in terms of tourism and boosting foreign exchange. Well that may be true. however i have been wondering; many people are complaining that the govt isnt doing much to market the country or to support most social activities and sports. i heard the KFF people complain, the organizer of miss kenya, volyball etc. they say that in other countries these disciplines are doing very well.

Well i think that if we are to wait for the govt to market and support these disciplines we will get no where. the issue lies with our marketers. i think sports pays well in western countries mostly because of marketers. they use sportsmen and women as their billboards and pay them hansomely. i therefore feel that the people who should be blamed are marketers for failing to see oportunity and exploit it to the advantage of both them and the sportsmen and women. they should be able to see how they will benefit if harambee stars becomes a household name or if more kenyans go out to watch rugby or volyball. or how they will benefit from the beauty shows and so on. in this regard the marketers are the ones who have failed and so i suggest that all our marketers whould be lined up and shot then we can get new herbal multi active marketers with powerform plus!

bloggers are suggesting that since there is a shortage of cement, the price of ARM, Bamburi and EAPC should go up immediately! and when thats happening manufactures are saying that the traders are hoarding cement. meanwhile Sudan and Rwanda has huge orders for the same commodity from the country.

Most people have a very simple question; buy or sell? most brokers have a very simple answer; buy or sell!

Wanted ; a broker with a fully functioning online trading. updated website and customer service.

odegle tip of the day -- selling short means selling borrowed shares now with a agreemnet to buy them later within a specified time. short sellers gain when the stock price comes down within that specified period. i have always wanted to be able to do this. however most brokers i have inquired from only tell me about borrowing money from CFC or cooperative bank against my shares. then they hold the shares as collateral. well that doesnt qualify as a short sale to me.


  1. Odegle, am with FD right now, they've simply given me a raw deal so am shopping for a broker with online account. Am told D & B's are not so good. When you get one please tell me.

  2. hi there, was looking for rea vipingo perfomance but cant get any apart from there 2005 announcement, is it a gud buy?

  3. am not sure about the business of rea vipingo. but i always avaoid agricultural stocks since in kenya managers blame the weather all the time. but judging by its PE ratio, it can be a good buy


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