Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Thoughts on Marriage

Recently when I 'stood' as best man for my long time friend in his wedding, I 'heard' something strikingly new about marriage. The priest preparing the couple for this age old life long commitment was using some really old statements but his way of expressing them and his explanation of those very plain words got me thinking and gave me an insight that I have not had all these many years of my existence. He indicated that when two people get married, they 'empty' themselves into each other and that is why no third person can come in since the two persons have already emptied or fused into each other. Tonight, while scouring the web for live stream on the most talked about wedding, I stumbled on these thoughts of The Arch Bishop of Canterbury on the institution of marriage of course based on William and Kate and I have been richly blessed by them. His thought and regard of marriage commitment as an aspect and sign of generosity is both novel and spot on at a time when the world is so obsessed with individualism.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Stop sending girls to Europe to be sexually used and abused

I read this from my friend Stephen Ogongos website. I feel we all need to be aware of this. I wonder whether the au pair thing also works this way

Stop sending girls to Europe to be sexually used and abused