Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baffling Scenario

After about 4 weeks working with wazungus here in England, (majuu like my gud nephew calls it) I keep on wondering how it is that their life and cities are way more advanced. It would appear to me that they dont do half as much as we do back at home. Their work day starts at 9AM at which time they line up for coffee anyway. Then most of the morning is spent between coffee points and desk and snacking (why must they eat so frequently?!) 12 noon on the dot they are already heading to the cafeteria and if you go at that time you find it very packed. The afternoon is shorter and at 5pm they are all leaving for home!
What I even found most shocking was that most dont report on Fridays when they say they would be working from home. This at a time when we are supposed to be finalizing on a major project!

Where I work we start at 8 officially but most of us often report by 7:15 owing to the traffic anyway. Leaving is normally officially 5pm but your manager and most other people will be looking at you strangely if you dare leave at that time. Average home time is normally 6 going 7 and when there is a major project like this one then midnight does it for you and your weekends are all in custody!

How then is it possible for the standard of living to be this good? My colleague reckons it has everything to do with slave trade!

Monday, April 12, 2010

This Draft Thing ...

After 20 years of waiting and several billions of shillings, death, pain, hatred, disunity I must say that am rather dispointed at what has been presented as the draft law to govern us into prosperity. However, I may just be willing to let it go. If someone was using that trick to wear me out into submission, then he must have succeeded big time with me.

But recently I have found another good reason to support the draft. Maybe I just want it to spite the religious leaders. I feel bad each time they comment on anything about governance. I feel the same contempt for them that I feel each time the former HoS Daniel Moi opens his mouth to comment on the affairs of Kenya. I have argued that the man who had more than 32 years of top leadership has no business telling us what to do after having messed us so much.

I still hold that the religious leaders long lost their moral high ground to tell anyone anything about governance. for starters, The Catholic church celebrated a century of existence in Kenya way back in 1990, thats 20 years ago. I dont know how long the Anglican church has been around and even the Muslims. But in all those years, they failed to teach their faithful the one fundamental tenet of their faiths. The one of loving each other as self and loving the stranger. Whats more , they became totally docile after 2002 elections.

However the biggest bone that I pick with this group of men and women is how they watched us as we slaughtered and barbecued each other in 2008! All the senior politicians in this country profess some sort of religious affinity. How was it possible for them to get to where we got in 2008 and their spiritual leaders to keep mum? As things are now, I fail to be convinced that a life saving abortion  would be more lethal than pure hatred and tribalism which has a stranglehold over Kenyans. I equally fail to see how Kadhis courts would cause more harm than the crime of omission these men and women collectively committed against Kenyans for these decades.