Monday, October 09, 2006

Mumias Sugar Company

i have just read a very favorable analysis on Mumias sugar. the author is however very modest and in the disclaimer said that his research should not be the only one used to make a decision to invest. i however think that to say the truth MSC is currently quite a good buy. the best thing to do at this time would be to accumulate as much as posible in order to make the most out of it.

Banks have reportedly decided to lower their interest rates in the midst excess liquidity in the market. some from a high of 21% to a low of 14%. however thats still not good enough. i also still feel that the moeny contimues to be risky given that it is financing consumption only. its time banks became more aggressive and gave more meaningful loans. for a middle income guy, i think the 1.3 million banks are toasting is kidogo. coz for a guy earning 150K monthly, i suppose he would do good things with say 2.5 to 3.5 millions. and of course given the laon is payable in 60 months.

odegle tip of the day - if you are young, you better take the risk and invest direclty in the stock market else once you grow too old you will have to be careful and probably only entrust your money to the care of fund managers


  1. Odegle - Bank interest rates would drop further if a revamped debt recovery process was allowed/instituted.

    The parliament has too many MPs who owe loans thus would not support a Bill that allows banks to recover the funds through a cheaper & faster process.

    That costs the "good" borrowers more since the banks spread the risk.

    Further the government needs to curtail recurrent spending to reduce their reliance on T-Bills & T-Bonds. This will pressure rates down since banks will allocate more funds to loans rather than government paper.

  2. By the way there was something on the credit reference bureaux. do you have any info on them. i guess once we have good credit refrences we would be able to benefit from more and cheaper credit as well.

  3. No, I do not. I think you should contact a bank to see who they use.


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