Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun of History

When I was younger, or should I say young and in school I never like History as a subject of education. Or precisely I hated History. I never did well in it and I never enjoyed it. Our teachers for History were however quite good people very loving and supportive but the subject was just boring! I enjoyed working with figures, numbers and chemicals more. However these days I find myself being continuously intrigued by history especially of development, leadership, the church and so on. May be two great writers and thinkers have had something to do with this change of mind. After reading Leo Tolstoy's war and Peace sometimes in the nineties, Ken Follets Eye of the needle and Dangerous Fortune only made it better. Now I have just finished his epic Pillars of the Earth and I find myself even more interested in the earlier peoples lives.

However what this novel showed me more than anything else is the similarity of the European world in those days to what we observe these days in most parts of Africa. It seemed to answer my questions about lawlessness, respect, worship and generally peoples attitude towards hard work. All these short cuts tried out by most people in our land, the corruption, violence and rape all have a meaning and a reason. In fact recently during my visits to Europe, I was more drawn to historical sights such as the castles, the Kolner Dom (the most striking construction yet that I have seen), city of Trier, etc.

Study of history is a sweet thing.  Maybe being examined in it is not since everyone of us picks a different thing from reading history.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have no idea what this cop did but this is unacceptable to me whichever way I look at it. no one should beat a cop this way!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Form 1 Selection

The businessmen are crying foul! The Minister Ongeri has just thrown a spanner to the works and disrupted their business plan by doing one simple thing: Changing the manner in which form 1 selection is done at least for National schools. The business of private schools is based on just one thing , national school enrollment. remove that from he equation and private schools become irrelevant. 

Am sure the good minister knows that the better solution would have been to increase the number of chances in these top institutions. eg like it was suggested that every constituency puts up 2 centers of excellence. But the prof is cleverer than that. He still wants more top schools but not at the govts expense. By blocking most of these 'rich' kids from the national schools, parents will be forced to opt for top private schools. meaning more and better private high schools will have to be set up. Which in my view is good for business. 

I think if Prof. Ongeris method is adopted, national schools will become less attractive as better equipped private high schools with better delivery will come up. Just like it has happened with early childhood education. Almost all parents take their kids to private schools at this level and they pay quite a tidy sum. Kids in some of those schools start learning primary school material way early and by the time they join class one they are miles ahead. the same may just happen with high schools. 

In my opinion the ministers move is good and should be adopted. 

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

This year looks optimistic. Like the sages say siku njema huonekana asubuhi. This one sure does look promising. I hope no funny politician will rush in to spoil the party now that they are being hunted in every corner. I sure do hope that this once, Kenyans will not be drugged into ethnicity to defend thugs who lie to them that their ways benefit the whole tribe.

And I pray that Mr. Gbagbo really does get thrown out. It will be the best new years gift to Africa. Africa will have shown itself that bad leaders and losers must be shown the door. It will prove to us that no one is invincible. I also hope that the referendum in Sudan succeeds in creating a new Nation of the Southern Sudan people (cant they get a new name?) It will show the guys in the north that racial discrimination like annihilation is a very archaic practice and never works.

This is the year I hope old football rivalry between the revamped Ingwe and Gor Mahia will come a head. Ingwe should stop those leadership wrangles and concentrate on the pitch to get even more fans to the stadia. we want the passion, the fire the energy that exists when they play arch-rivals Gor. Already Sofapaka boss is making me real proud. I was happy when I heard him say he doesn't want excuses. The coaches ask for resources and good pay for players. He gives it so why are there no results! The non-performer was fired. Way to go Mr. President. I also hope finally those busy bodies of KFF will be defeated in the polls and no corrupt FIFA officials will conspire to keep them in office like they always do.

I hope the economy will expand even more. By 7% ? why not 10% ? If we moved from 2.6 to 5 why not from 6 to 10? Its possible. We just have to tone down political rhetoric and attract more innovation, creativity, business tourism, the works. But as far as business is concerned , am hoping that those ridiculous loterries on TV will fizzle out. They are not helping much by encouraging quick wins and a culture of gambling. Nations grow by the sweat of the brow not by peddling luck and chance to its citizens. Right now every channel seems to be promoting some funny get rich quick chance schemes. What of that ministers idea of organizing matatus into SACCOs? Good idea, just needs proper implementation. right now they are getting around it by registering fictitious SACCOs and companies. I hope they get a little more serious. public transport will work better if run by organized teams as opposed to individuals. It will be a good year if this is done.

Happy new year