Thursday, October 26, 2006

Value of happiness

I dont know how diverse the readership of this blog is but i would really love to quantify happiness in monetary or financial terms. its often said that most winners of major marathons were at their best mood at the time of competition and am told a couple of record breakers actually made love to their partners just minutes before. but how true is that? does it mean that a person who buys beer for 150 bob in a pub where he is treated with absolute dignity and decorum would do better financialy than another person who scrumbles for the same beer at 65 bob in another pub? how does this translate to food, shoe polishing , choice of laundary etc?

However when that is disturbing me, service industries are raking in more profit than anybody else. top counters at the NSE are proving to be service oriented. isnt EABL service in toto and so is safaricom, KQ and the like. what does it mean; that kenyans are buying service more? meaning that they have more than they need ,further meaning that the economy is booming. well maybe that proves why refubishment of entertainment joints is the order of the day and FM stations are poping up like pop corn kila uchao

the best part of the news was however the proposal by the fin. minister that safaricom should be traded at the NSE before the telecoms bubble bursts. elsewhere its rumored that the firms CEO promised his employees that they would own part of the record breaker before the end of two years. still on rumours, that the NSE is bringing down the axe on all stocks trading at more than 200 /= since they are too expensive for the common mwananchi! so after the IPO festival there will be splits carnival. how is that for development.

odegle tip of the day -- Safari savings account from standard chartered bank is probably one of the best things since sliced bread. vis; no ledger fees, no atm cards (am told its called another terible mistake) , only 4 witdhrawals a year, 5% interest etc etc. you accumulate there and invest at the NSE four times in a year how is that for strategy!


  1. The NSE would love splits since that increases NSE earnings not the firms...

    Did you know the NSE charges firms whose shares trade often more in listing fees?

    Idiotic! They should charge them less coz the NSE makes more money off them!

    The IPO fees are too high... that's why Equity went against the grain and did a "listing" & not and IPO...

  2. Did you just say that the nse is forcing the axe on stocks trading at 200+? Is it forcing the firms 2 do a split and is the info from a credible source?

  3. Service industry is the way to go for this country. By especially sorting out the financial services sector + some work on telecomms and infrastructure, becoming a hub for Africa investment, we could end up on the hot trail to economic independence.

    As for IPOs and splits, let them come. It seems that the good times in the stock mart are yet to bottom out. That's from an investor's point of view, pity the firms who suffer from the listing fees...

  4. coldi - cant agree more
    anon - i was being satiristic. i hope it came out so.
    mwasjd - do you agree with the number of IPO scheduled before elections next year. dont you smell a rat ?


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