Friday, October 06, 2006

Value of Money

My friend who has been a bank manager in kenya is relocating. the guy has just hit a jackpot! he will be resigning his job which nets him a paltry 100K a month since he has already got a college admision in US. getting a visa wont be a problem since he has been working for a bank and knows his way around. in the US job oportunities will be many and he will literaly pick money from the trees. on my side we have made a brilliant arrangement to invest for him the extra change at the Nairobi Stock Exchange. i will definitely use some of the 'investor advice' available on the net for free. mainly from the blogs. after 5 years i think the guy can then come back and live in fabulous luxury all his life.

so now in the final quarter of the year 2006. the stocks are showing some laxity. the bull is getting tired and the bear may be lacking in the corner. but that may not entirely be true since our market slows down at this time when traders take profits. the new peak is often Dec. however this time it will be a little unpredictable given that the market is gearing for the Mumias sale and the Kenya Re IPO. some counters will definitely go down as investors sell to get money to invest in those two. the same happened just before kengen.

odegle tip of the day - contrarian investors normally buy undervalued stocks when everyone else is selling. they always do their homework thoroughly. most contrarians are never in a hurry


  1. From a Bank Manager to washing people's behind...your friend will have a difficult time saving the $1500 net he makes in Nairobi, inside the suit and tie. We have been there, tell him to trend tight

  2. A bird in hand is worth a million in the bush. At USD 1500, he is not badly off in Kenya.


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