Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oil Oil Oil!

it can easily be said that in todays world oil is the most death provoking substance known to man. apart from the business wars between the oil magnates of US (read Bush) and those of the oil rich east, many people have died in zimbabwe, nigeria and the like due to lack of transportation etc. basicaly oil shortage. oil long overcame gold as a reason for men to pick a querrel. planners have however argued that in the near future wars will not be about oil or gold or such things nice but just about water and water sources. but i digress

yesterday, the good minister said that he was watching the oil cartels to see if they will reduce the pump prices now that the crude oil has come down. well i dont expect them to drop. not when Bush is still the prefect of the world. I think bush's leadership is a case of a huge conflict of interest but that is another story. i suppose that kenya can only be protected from the crude oil price movements if we adopted what most countries do. 1. have a good backup of oil. good reserves. its important to have reserves that can last at least 5 years. this way we could delay the effects of sudden price surges. i get embarrassed to see pump prices go up just because of a standoff between bush and his business patners (read terrorists). we cannot afford in kenya to be that reactive. its good to be planned, to anticipate and be ready.

2. the other way is to 'divest' from oil like brazil and south africa are doing. reduce our dependence as much as we can. in kenya even some of our elec is generated using oil products.

I hope this time the south africans will have both the gut and the money to take over the railways system they won. i hope there will be no more postponment. the solution to our road transport system lies in railway trasport system. it will help remove those heavy trucks from the road and ease the preasure. congestion should be dealt with as well as incessant road patches. i also cant wait to enjoy soft confortable and secure rides around kenya not forgeting enjoying the breathtaking scenary. problem is southern african countries always fail in kenya.

what did you feel when the minister announced that KPLC will continue to pay the low tarrif for power from kengen. is that really good for biashara? so KPLC can be as inefficient as they want since they are protected by the govt and are allowed to buy cheap and sell dearly? but does anyone else see the hand of trancentury in all this? after all they are the current 'owners' of KPLC as well as the ones running the govt? in fact there is a very strong rumour out they that KPLC is being fast tracked for a split. that explains the price surges in the recent past. transcentury have a history of hyping stocks for a split. (EAC) whether there was good stead or not. by the way, KPLC is the major customer of EAC. KPLC buys from kengen. trancentury owns EAC and KPLC and by politics kengen . do the math. if you a speculator and need to tripple your money fast. buy KPLC while stocks last!

odegle tip of the day -- sheep are those investors who do not know where they are going or what they are doing. they rely on others to give them direction and tell them what /when to buy/sell. they never make their own decisions.

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