Thursday, September 28, 2006

financial daily

some time back, wilfred Kiboro of nation anounced that they were going to launch a business or finance daily. they said that they had researched and found ready market for the same. i am yet to see it. does it take that long to launch a daily? even adverts for the jobs were placed and am sure interviews conducted. going by the depth of the articles i read on finance, am sure the writers will do with some help from bloggers and a few chatists from sites like i have even read in another blog about worries of plagiarism of a blog!

When Money matters was being advertised, i thought it would be more of the common man's approach to money matters. i thought they would help the mwananchi find new ways of making the extra buck and re-investing it. shock its all about corporates and 'leaders' of the industry. its probably just a copy of business weekly from KTN. I am looking forward to a time when the media will have something close to the showdown but this time discusing ways of making money, investing, savings etc. i think it would be much better. in fact i suppose that if we were equally enthusiastic about our finance and business the way we have been about our politics i suppose we would have been a superpower by now. can you imagine if all those screaming headlines of the standard newspapers, all those analysis of nation etc were mainly business/finance based where we would be.

or what if they had a program where a commoner from the street is picked and given an interview on how he makes it in kenya. dont you think we would have business ideas explosion?

tip of the day - i just found out that speculation is not entirely bad as long as you are willing to lose all the money. sort of as long as you are a gambler.


  1. hi there
    ati bring a street mwananchi to a media house for an interview!!!
    ogengle get real... we hv so many high profilers out there, wil they really bother abt a MWANANCHI??

    Any idea when unga will announce there results?

  2. I agree with anon,
    You see the reason you bring corporates is so that other corporates see and advertise. The media moguls are thinking bottom line so your socialist ideas won't blend with their capitalist ideas.

    My opinion, only govt or NGO's or WB/IMF or some foundation can lead the way for mwananchi way of hustling to be aired on media.

  3. anon... no idea about unga results. do you know who made US to what it is today? commoners from UK who couldnt make it in the british Monarchical system
    Mwasjd .. where have you been? by the way my ideas are far from being socialist. in fact am not sugesting that we do this for socialist reasons but rather so that we can 'tap' strong ideas from weak people. do you know that Bill gates was a commoner who could not even finish university? can u imagine for a second what could have happened to IBM share holders had they Listened to this good for nothing dropout mwananchi?

  4. Unga have released their results. KES 0.58/share.

    Who wants to hear from a Mwananchi? Not the business folk, politicians & other Wananchi!

    Generally we want to hear success stories thus the "corporate" types who have made it big!

    Its not about the "commoners" its the ENTREPRENEURS... The breed that migrated to the USA were RISK-TAKERS thus they were able to succeed.

    Odegle - Read about Bill Gates.
    You said do you know that Bill gates was a commoner who could not even finish university?

    He could have finished at Harvard BUT he did not want to! Bill Gates COULD, he did not WANT to...

    Same for Michael Dell among others!

    Bill Gates was not a drop-out like many we see all the time, there was little for him to learn at Harvard!

    Did you know Harvard "rejected" Warren Buffett who then went to Columbia!


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