Thursday, October 19, 2006

another share split

So does it not begin to take shape? my earlier speculation that more shares would be picked, hyped and split? now ICDCI has annouced a share split to make the share affordable to the retail investors. there are strong rumours that the same is being planned for KPLC as well. what i dont agree with is that at 300 bob a share would be deemed expensive. i remember that eabl anouced the split when it was 500 and even then their split was 1:5. this one is 1:10 yet the price is only 300. and how come BBK has never found their share expensive enough to warrant a split? so now the time before the split is almost 3 months. what will happen this time? only speculation will tell.

and while that is happening the season of great give aways and promotions has just come. with yana giving a million, EABL with the merc, safaricom, coke you name it. its promotion galore. the festive season is being ushered in as traditionaly as it goes.

And what is that thing on KBC? the one where they encourage people to call and create words ? you are then required to guess some numbers and then voila ! you can win upto 100,000 /= i think thats not a promotion. its not even a lottery since these guys simply refuse to pick the calls waiting for as many people to call as posible since they are cahrging 50 bob above normal rates. then at the end that gril shouts hallo to one last caller. the girl keeps pretending that all along no one was calling. i dont see how this is different from pyramid schemes.

odegle tip of the day -- a put option gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to sell a certain number of shares at a set price in the agreed future. investors benefit from put options in case the share price goes down. i havent seen it in kenya though.


  1. you haven't seen it because kenya does not have a futures market for trading in options


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