Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yoghurt, Chicken and Chips

Some time back when i was a teenager, my good friend Kodhek introduced me to a unique taste. i had visited him unexpectedly one evening and in desperate move to at least offer me something going by his Luo hospitality offered me roasted maize and home made sour milk. the taste was to say the least different , unique and shocking. However after partaking of my snack, i was hooked to that unique taste for ever. i could not get that kind of sour milk but to get close to it, i would simply buy yoghurt and roasted maize which was readily available. apart from the unique combination, that snack always reminded me of the simple brotherly love that Kodhek had for me and the sentimental hospitality that evening. my sisters have never understood how i can enjoy such an odd taste but i always remind them of that friend of mine

But while Kodhek introduced me to that great snack, no one prepared me for this, after moving up and down last saturday, i rushed to blue corner restaurant next to nakumatt. the speciality of the day? tandori chicken served with chips . so i went in and asked for the special of the day but lo! the special for the day was not availble that day. ok so i asked for kenchic chicken a kenyan speciality also proudly advertised as 'now available at blu corner'; no. kenchic is not availble today either. ok so what? grilled chicken and chips. on top of that i asked for a glass of vanilla milkshake. it took longer to prepare the milkshake but both the chicken and milkshake cost the same 250 bob each . the chicken was fine, but the 'milkshake' was actually sour milk or something close to that. no vanilla. when i complained, the manager said that all they need to do is add more ice to make it thicker. so they added a few more ice cubes! it became lighter and worse!

i wonder why someone would invest so much money on aesthetics and all those furniture and staff and yet fail to provide the core product. FOOD!

and that happened after another bad experience at another garage. i really dont like car mechanics. so to try and avoid them, i went to kengsway motors. looking at their aesthetics i thought i would get professional work there. but no. the mechanics were asking for 'something'. and for everything i asked for, they would ask if i wanted the 'muindi' spareparts or their own. their own cost half the price of the 'muindi' one at all times. meaning these guys are employed at the garage and yet they are running their own parallel garage using the facilities and time of the employer! And anyone thought kenya would grow out of corruption mire any time soon?

elswhere , NTV is set to go regional. this time not on the stock market but literaly. its showing yesterday by broacasting live to the 3 east african states was enough testimony of their ability. am sure after that will come the cross listing. another prime service company to buy. and speaking about the show, after i saw those performances and that great improvement, i wonder what those judges will do and we are not even into the second week. are those really ametures or is this another stage managed reality TV show?

KCC will list soon at the NSE. prepare for another oversupscription.

Does anyone know why there is a sudden surge in demand for sameer stocks? and the also the sudden rise in price? i would love to know. meanwhile i hope BBK will stick to their guns and be the first and only kenyan company to refuse the split and become the company for the real chosen few also known as investors.

Odegle tip of the day -- if you in the wrong train it does not help running in the oposite direction. disembark and take the correct train!


  1. I think the Barclays Botswana split shows Barclays is not averse to splits.

    Ronalos is popular because of the food not the aethetics! At this rate blu corner will die!

    I am surprised the management at Kingsway is not aware of these underhanded deals by their mechanics.

    You do realise that the mechanics will lie to you since they may NEVER change the parts in question i.e. the "nusu" off is for nothing!

    Nation WILL cross-list as soon as they get their assets up & running in all 3 countries but the TZ are being assholes.

  2. Actually a friend of mine was one of the nation staffers who were bundled out of TZ last year. am seeing a situatio where UG and Kenya develop closer economic and political ties since they apear to have more in common. with leaders who want to overstay their welcome etc

  3. LOL... well, if the only thing that makes Kenyans & Ugandans stick together is the presidents' love for power... then no a good strategy!

    Uganda's best hope remains Kenya for most major imports & exports...

    TZ is better off in EAC but you can't legislate commonsense!


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