Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting Your Way in a New City

My friend told me the other day of the horror story of how he traveled abroad and went into this restaurant. He ordered what appeared as the most exotic and tasty meal but when the dish came it was to say the least inedible! He was totaly not prepared for the taste. Which reminds me of when I accompanied a friend into an Indian restaurant and was totaly at a loss on what to order. Its the same way that the prospect of travel normally excites me as much as it scares me . Thinking of meeting new people. Seeing new things getting to know new ways of doing things. However it often starts to get scary when i get to the finer details. Since travel is often for a short time and in these days quite expensive, I often get scared of the prospect of missing out on the fun because I did not choose the best restaurants get the best hotel or did not get the best entertainment. Even my own security really bothers me.

Even in a restaurant I always ask the waiters or whoever it is to recommend a dish. in a big city it can be more tricky but these days for instance you can get to know what others recommend as the best Indian restaurants London even before you plan your trip. You can even review the best and affordable hostels London and even cinemas London . Which actually does save you quite a bit of trouble trying to source the best and safest places in this grand city and its all trustworthy given that it has been reviewed by millions of people like you with varied tastes.


  1. Odegle this reminds me of this time I went to an Ethiopian restaurant. Seems everything was being served with the famous pancake Ajera so in a spirit of adventure I asked for one and some famous Ethiopian stew.

    The Ajera looked like a huge white blanket and the fact that it was served on an equally humongous plate did not make things any easier. I was willing to live with all that though until I tasted it and realized it was fermented. I'm quite adventurous and sometimes eat strange things but Ajera nope. But I'll certainly go back there and eat some other Ethiopian cuisine.

  2. lol, ever eaten idli? (not sure of the spelling) an Indian dish which looks very appealing. its actually kind of ugali made of rice flour. the thing was impossible to swallow and had to push it aside and order something else. it always helps to ask

  3. You can trust me to try Idli the next time I'm at the food court. Thanks.


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