Wednesday, January 30, 2008

style up or keep off

I have told people time and again that this is not an insult blog. i have offered advice that there are very many Raila bashing blogs all over the net. even some hitherto great forums which were turned to Raila hate forums and for insulting luos and encouraging hate upon them. I have even made one dedicated post on such trivial issues as circumcision. in that post i stated that i was perfectly comfortable with my bodily state and was not about to change it whether you called me a baby or a grown up. i infact said that such insult meant as litle to me as calling a lion ignorant.

further am educated that circumcision in its old form was a sign of manhood and that such men were supposed to protect women and children (here refered to as uncircumcised) its therefore rather cowardly for these so called 'men' who come to this site to brag about their cut. Avoiding equaly cut men from Kalenjin community to attack the kihii, women and children from luo community. If you are as man as you suppose to be why come to this private blog to yell that to me? Why cant you go to Rift valley and face off with equally cut men there. why hurl insults behind annonimity?

and if thats too hard, why waste your time and mine on this blog coz i will surely delete your vitriol. just google Raila and you will find so many blogs, sites, fora dedicated to insults, propaganda and all sorts of human hate against that one man. that should be good enough advice. Meanwhile, no one is under any coercion or duress to navigate to, read or comment on this blog and if you hate peace and you hate this country that much just keep off. Its easier i guess than being circumcised under general anesthesia in a high cost city hospital!

and to those who keep on talking about smelly foreskins, let me tell you this; am sorry to disappoint you but am straight and married. so tough luck.


  1. Hey Odegle,

    Long time lurker here. You sound very defensive and emotional in this post. Understandably so as these are emotional times for us all.I would simply delete offensive comments if I were you. No need to dignify them by responding. Good luck.

  2. Od, if guys are annoying u why not put a filter on you blog so that only those who have a blog can post comments?

    With Mashada being down, you'll get many of its customers posting here...

  3. Ode, I do agree with mainat, filtering does help. Then you'll have your peace, once and for all.

  4. thank you all for the advice. meanwhile i remain encouraged to preach peace and reason to prevail in this nation


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