Wednesday, January 30, 2008

some good news

I have been sent this message by a friend. it made my heart so glad am not waiting to publish and i hope and pray that its true:

I am certain that it wouldn't take a a lot to get the by in of the rank and file to enforce some sensible rules. After all, wananchi are beginning to do this themselves. Yesterday, people in Kenya Re Estate, Kisumu, battled with youth trying to break into their estates to flush out Kikuyus. Eventually they overpowered the Estate 'force' but they didn't find any Kikuyus (because the few remaining were hidden in Luo houses). And this sort of thing happens al ot in ethnic oriented clashes.

In Nakuru
Neighbors have formed vigilante groups (All "Communities") to guard their estates from marauding thugs (both Mungiki & Warriors)

In Moi's Bridge
Residents of Nyakinyua Farm (One Community) have reached a "peace agreement" with the neighboring farm (from the "Other Community") NOT to attack each other. Peace prevails there.

and while the other things happened, the NSE almost crushed yesterday. but i remind myself that this is a great opportunity to take positions and also bottom out. should a solution be found, and it seems highly likely, the market is going to rebound in a fashion never seen before even greater than 2006!


  1. I sure do hope this really is happening. Very encouraging news. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Encouraging to see reason prevailing.
    As for the NSE, what an opportunity!


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