Friday, January 18, 2008

Kenya has LEADERS

In the midst of all the police murders, the stolen vote, the arrogance of karua, michuki and company. in the turmoil in the rift valley, nyanza, nairobi, coast, western and many other parts of kenya, we still have seen some kenyans who have come out to provide reason, leadership and moral high ground; these are the people i salute this morning:

Maina Kiai - living according to his belief and by the standards he has set for himself and his officers, has not disappointed. he has strongly advocated for a Kenyan nation, that includes all. he cries for mungiki fair trial just as he equally stands for an end to police brutality, ethnic cleansing , and election rigging. Maina, your being and your stand alone make me proud to be a Kenyan much more than any song, or moto or whip can.

Francis Atwoli - the man who according to Kituyi is not supposed to be having anything between his ears, has consistently provided leadership, he did so when the country was divided in the time of the referendum, and was to do the same at the time of the general election. Atwoli has brought pride back to the workers body which had been turned into a political stepping stone in the nyayo years. the other day he said he will not sit back and watch as his workers are murdered by whoever it is. indeed what atwoli was doing was to prod other business leaders to make their voices be heard. it doesn't matter how much money the blue chips donate to aid the displaced, they must show an interest in providing a lasting solution. this is the time for business leaders, CEOs, and the like to take a stand.

Michael Joseph - Showed that his is also a social calling, and made sure his very important commodity - airtime was available at this time so that at least people can talk. talk at this time is very important. also he is make peace appeals through the phone services

Okongo O'mogeni - i salute the chairman for making a firm stand on what he must. that if the elections were rigged, they must be resolved. Okongo, has made the firm stand even though some people are opposed to it. he is a leader and has provided the leadership

Kenneth Marende
- Must be every ones star at the moment. Only heaven can tell what would have happened had he declined to administer oath to those MPs. some people say his impartiality was stage managed. but i saw a firm man. balanced and relaxed. just the man who should be president. and he won fair and square. no rigging as the Thief-in-chief looked on in anger and disbelief

Joseph Karoki - through his blog, the man has shown the world what is really going on. when everyone else is telling us to keep quiet, sweep this under the carpet, bottle the anger and move on. Karoki has shown the world the whole truth and nothing but the truth. very little comments just pictures that leave the reader to make his own judgement. you can see the blog here

Lt Nthenge - the guy has already been feted by many but he remains my star. the young man talked to the other young people's heart to avert a potentially dangerous scene. had he decided to open fire, we all now know what could have happened. but one quick reasoning from him won the day. you make me proud officer.

There are many other leaders out there but these ones have come to mind very fast, you may also have other leaders you want to salute this morning. please do


  1. The attendants at Moi Refferal Hospital said, the officers didn't know any swahili and spoke broken English.
    1Million Dollar Question? Who are this guys?

  2. i have been sent these two links of a ugandan media house

  3. The have been here for close to 3 weeks now.

  4. @ja-dear, i wonder why museveni hates kenyans that much that he would decide to not only help install an illegitimate government but also kill people about town like that.

  5. Thanks for the Radio Katwe link - got it bookmarked

  6. Kindly comment on facts NOT rumors.The Killings are horrible but other than the fact that these people appear to be Kenyan security officers, i haven't seen evidence to the contrary

  7. By the way Radio Katwe is slang for rumours in Luganda.

  8. @jac, you are welcome

    @pesatu, probably the only eveidence is that those 'kenyan' soldiers were not able to speak kiswahili, also they did not know the eldoret referal hospital and thought it was just another hideout.

    @pesatu again, does the name matter really? i doubt it! however, the murders are horible and must be condemed, whether they are done by M7 or Kibaki

  9. I don't know the truth about the origin of the said soldiers but I am in Uganda on a work assignment and I asked a Ugandan pal what kind of media outlet Katwe is. From some of the tales she gave me, pesa tu is right. Not a station to get your news really, at least if you value accuracy.

    However, where the soldiers are from is not critical at this point in time. Is what they are doing right? They could be from Hades or Seventh Heaven for all I care. Anybody who spills innocent blood is wrong.

  10. @gadaffi, spot on just you normally do it!

  11. thank you for highlighting these leaders.A ray of hope in otherwise dark sky.


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