Monday, January 07, 2008

Between the Devil and the Deep blue sea!

its increasingly appearing that the self righteous catholic church who fed us on monthly pastoral letters criticizing the moi administration is facing the greatest moral challenge in their over 100 year history in kenya. i choose to talk about catholics since am a staunch believer in the principals that are taught in catechism. if Moi were in power, by now we could have had at least 3 pastoral letters condemning the rigging , the shooting of boys as young as 10 in Kisumu, the violence in rift valley, coast , nairobi , western and nyanza etc. But moi is gone and so the catholic church chooses to bury its head in the sand and wish it away. anyway its the same church that used to pray for slave raiders, the church who blessed colonialists and those sent to flush out mau mau. that church will now again look away as we die.

yesterday there were prayers everywhere and songs of peace, speeches and so on. the speakers reminding us that kenya was bigger than any one of us. well thats a lie. a country cannot be bigger than an individual. coz its the person who makes a country. the events of yesterday and indeed the peace song of Eric Wainaina that has been sung over and over in the media keep on reminding me of the '80s when moi thought that you could rule a country by keeping them singing peace songs and feeding them on patriotic speeches. it failed and its bound to fail again.

What those events aim at achieving is not peace but silence. muted silence. and like i read in things fall apart, better the enemy who screams and shouts at you and throws tantrums than the one who looks at you and walks away. i see kenyans being encouraged to keep quiet and not ask for justice. this is dangerous and if we incubate it further, the explosion, be it tomorrow or next decade will be worse than what we have seen so far. Justice is the answer. the loser must step down and if he cant then let there be a re-run.

i wish to repeat my call again here for the police to stop using live bullets on people in Kisumu!!!

and as predicted, politicians are already rushing to kibaki for a slice of the pie, the lack of peace not withstanding.

lastly as i have posted in answers to some comments, i wish to repeat that to me Kibaki does not mean the same thing as Kikuyu. Raila doesn't mean the same thing as Luo. the people in rift valley have shown the way and refused to be led or misled by Moi. they showed him in the poll that he Moi is not the same thing as kalenjin or rift valley. we must not allow people to lie to us that when they steal they steal for the community. for that matter i repeat that it was not the kikuyu who stole the vote. it was Kibaki through kivuitu and both must be condemned!


  1. I totally agree alexcia, OD very good post. The Catholic Institution has been a dissappointment in the Kibaki era. ACK, my church, has not been any better.

    I was in Kenya for the elections and as voters showed, they already stopped listening to certain 'institutions' Moi, the Church etal.

    SWAKA from Virgin Islands


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