Monday, January 28, 2008

more hate , more evil ,

yesterday, the priest at the Holy family basilica, almost broke down during his homily as he recounted how his friend and fellow priest Rev Fr. Michael Kamau met his death in the hands of those who were his flock before. the man was so emotional, he at one point just threw his hands in the air is despair. it was sad. this priest was a dean of students in kapsabet. he had worked among these people for long, he heard their confessions, he paid their school fees, he baptized them, married them, buried their dead etc. so he thought they would spare him since they knew him. well he never made his journey. they cut him like wood and then stoned his lifeless body till he succumbed. that was in eldama ravine.

as that was going on, in Naivasha a friend tells me of how she witnessed a man pulled out of a full bus and hacked to death as fellow passengers looked on. his fault ? he could not speak kikuyu and he was the only luo in the bus. that was after some more luos were burnt alive in a house in the same town. in naivasha, the police were pedestrian, and they tried to talk 'sense' to the mungiki who armed with all manner of weaponry. they never lobbed teargas, neither did they shoot to kill. only when riots broke up in kisumu did they shoot again and kill innocent kenyans of course in kisumu. like i said before, luos dont kill but the police have been ordered to kill them on sight. the kikuyus who kill and maim with abandon in nakuru , naivasha , nairobi etc are let to go scot free.

but what i find most disturbing in all this is one. we all agree Kibaki stole the election as was expected (he is an extraction of a culture of thugs anyway) . He was sworn in as president and so he has the instruments of power. How come therefore are these things going on without his raising even his little finger? he is as silent as graveyard. his absense is more pronounced than the sound of gunfire taking the life of luos in kisumu. i wonder when he will come to realize he is still in charge anyway and stop this madness everywhere in the republic??? and where is that lucy wife of his. at least she is more presidential that kibaki why cant she take control once more and save the country? i heard she did it before anyway!

Or is the man hiding. yesterday, worshipers at the basilica waited for almost 15 minutes for the mass to start having been told that the man was coming for mass there. he never showed up even though the front seats were preserved for him, cameras set and even the parking lot cleared of some vehicles. the man remained hidden in state house. even if the kikuyu must have one of their own in the house of meals, am sure they can get a better one who can provide leadership. I propose Martha Karua.

And as that is going on, i have heard of the admission of Moi to hospital. i wish him quick recovery. i hope he does not go the route of the other former dictators who according to Madd Madd World normally die in stages.


  1. Its now obvious that Kikuyus are out to kill Luos either through the police or mungiki gangs. Luos should arm themselves with AK-47 and defend themselves. As long as they keep hurling stones, the Kikuyus will continue killing them.

    You see how Kikuyus are afraid of the Kaleos, coz Kaleos either shoot you with a poisoned arrow or with an AK-47, you dont see trigger happy Kikuyu police shooting them.

    Luos, go get some guns from your Karamoja cousins accross the border, they're so cheap over there. Arm yourself and you will get respect.

  2. Who i wonder are the majority of displaced people in Kenya?? Is it not the Kikuyu's? Why cant you see that EVERYONE in Kenya is suffering?
    If we dont try to see where every person is coming from...we will all be in great trouble. For your you charge on with this kind of accusations...i hope your family is well hidden as are you because as a Kenyan living in Kenya and having relations can be sure that you will be affected. Do unto others what you want them to do to you...treat others as you will have yourself treated.

  3. @anon 2, who is responsible for the displaced Kikuyus? is it the Luos or the Kalenjins? Kikuyus are a bunch of cowards, instead of facing their Kaleo enemies, they chase Luo women and children, lock them inside a house and burn them alive.

    Meanwhile, the ever trigger happy police dont even fire a single teargas, leave alone even firing in the air. And what happens when Luos protest, the same Kikuyu police rain bullets on them, killing over 100 so far.

    Luos will get firearms from their Karamoja neighbors and AVENGE these deaths. We will gang with Maasais,Kaleos and Pokots from the west and the Giriamas, Somalis and Muslims from the east and descend on Kikuyus with such vengeance it will make Rwanda genocide seem like sunday school.

  4. you guys are insane .......... kenya is bigger than all of us!! tone down guys.. tone down.. lets live to see another day.

  5. Now you see they're killing our MPs so that they can increase their margin in parliament. We all know who benefits from Were's assasination, Kikuyus split their votes last time 5 fold, so with Were out of the way, they will field a single candidate against ODM and win the Embakasi seat. But guess what, Kikuyus have no monopoly on assasinations, this will be AVENGED.

  6. i have had to read this post again and again and i cannot see anywhere i have shown hate, what i am desperately looking for is leadership in this difficult time. right now we need someone with power to do the right thing without caring about diplomacy. truth must be said though the skies fall!

    an i repeat here, i dont see why luos are being killed. they are not aggressors. noisy yes i agree but murderors no!

    am already extremly sad that Fr. Michael kamau whom i knew personaly had to die such pointless death

    death is painful to anyone and everyone, be it enemy or thug and we must condemn what is wrong and uphold what is right.

  7. @odegle, I dont know why you still attend the catholic churrch-aka genocide enhancers. Your Cardinal Njue has lost any credibility he may have had. he has shown open bias towards his Gema thieves and murderers. In fact, the Kenyan Catholic is no different from the Rwanda Catholic that helped in the killing of a million Rwandese. These Catholic leaders are evil, see how they helped kill millions of Jews in Europe, now they're doing it in Kenya. Bure kabisa, I wish these thugs could have killed Cardinal Njue instead of this innocent father Kamau. Njue is the most hateful cardinal after the Kigali genocide cardinal. Give him a message to never come near R Valley, Western or Nyanza coz he will be barbequed and fed to the hyenas.

  8. I say that to those urging the Luos to arm themselves in retaliation.

  9. @ja motherfu.cker,

    So you're happy how Kikuyus keep gunning down Luos every time they protest. Meanwhile, mungiki is being armed and financed by kikuyus(ask Kiai) and the police help them dissarm and kill Luos in Naivasha, and your suggestion is for Luos to keep been like sheep waiting for slaughter. Motherfu.cker forget it, Luos will arm themselves just as Kaleos and Maasais are doing, then we will descend on Kikuyus and eliminate them from the face of Kenya.

  10. anon, words will never break anybody's bones so you're free to say whatever makes you feel mature. Matusi haitamsaidia yeyote.

    When all's said and done, hope to see you at the battlefront, fully armed chanting war songs, having been financed by your tribespeople. Make sure you are at the front, and not some innocent kid. Guess we see you on the other side, having sorted out the mess this country is in.

  11. You all cheered when Kikuyus were being butchered from ODM strong holds. Now that they are retaliating you have finally found a voice to condemn the killings. Too little too late. I told you Kikuyus are like jews the more you kill them the more you strengthen their resolve to fight back. The war has just started and every kikuyu blood will not go to wasted many will shed theirs too. Not even your financiers will be let to enjoy life. I hope the Were family now know how it feels for A Kikuyu family to be robbed of their loved one in the name of elections. The hit back has just started and its not stiping anytime soon. You will be lucky to have your life by the time the injustice committed against the kikuyus is corrected. You say everybody agrees Kibaki stole but did you get the opinion of the 4 million who voted for Kibaki? This hatred you are propagating is like a two edged sword and it cuts both ways. Your hate for kikuyus will eventually see your demise. Kenya has its owners. The blood of the mau mau was not in vain. I hope your kins continue to burn down and loot Kisumu and other areas of western and upper rift till you guys go back to stone age. Meanwhile children in central and eastern are going to school as usuall.

  12. the Luo bastards killeed kikuyus as the whole world watched and nodoby compained or raised a finger as long as it was a kikuyu dying, the same happened in Eldoret, now kikuyus have risen to defend themselves and walaa! everyone is worried. kikuyus have been killed in molo since 1992, in narok , in mombasa, who talked then?

  13. Guys think before you act for sure Raila killed Were he almost sided with the Goverment to vote for the speaker and Ruto threatened him, we know thing that are happening behind the scenes

  14. Violence will not solve anything; whether instigated by Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjins...I do not agree with the readers who have posted comments urging/justifying retaliation, much as emotions will rise.Anybody who kills a person regardless of the ethnic background of the killer or the victim has no justification whatsoever.
    And I would add that we need to remember the BIG MAN culture. We could kill thousands of Kikuyus- Kibaki and his cronies just won't be bothered. He is a "president" of the moneyed Kikuyus; the small fish being roasted in the Rift do not merit his attention.

  15. @qadafi, there is a friend of mine who keeps on reminding me of what you just said. Kibaki wont care less even if kikuyus are anihilated. and i guess its true coz he only started seeing sense when these guys threatened economic sabotage and also when the railway was vandalised. so the murderers any where are not waranted

    further, i must correct the misplacement that luos killed kikuyus in eldoret, molo and kuresoi.

    contrary to reports by international media, luos do not live in those area. they only made all the noise in kisumu but they never touched a single soul. so the aggresion is very much misplaced

  16. Can we get some sense here? Death is death, be it a Luo or Kikuyu.

    All Kenyans now and in future are going to bear the consequences of this violence. Am living out of the country, none of my friends or relatives have died, BUT! I do not advocate violence in solving problems.

    Did the kikuyu steal the votes? No, it’s Kibaki and his boys.

    Sober up men. Violence does not solve problems. People fight, after killing, maiming, raping, destroying the societal set up, etc, they then call each other for peace talks.

    Learn to preach peace. Learn to see the positive. I know most of us (not everyone) want to see this violence come to an end.

    Odegle, you are doing a great job. Just try and balance your views. I hate politics but I like your blog. Will you accommodate me????

  17. @debunt, thank you for the compliment. you are most welcome. by the way , mine is not really a political blog. but the things going on in kenya at the moment require all of us to take a stand and speak up. soberly. we badly need leadership which is grossly lacking at the moment. thats why i continue to salute one Mr Francis Atwoli who is continuously appearing to be the only remaining national leader standing on dry ground

    and i agree with you. all life is precious it doesnt matter whose.


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