Saturday, February 02, 2008

'Planting ' the jini

When i was young, we were told some very bizarre and scary stories about the coast of kenya. we were told that those guys there 'planted' jini in their homes or literally reared spirits. to get the jinis, you had to sacrifice someone very dear and close like son, daughter , wife , husband or parents. after that the jini did everything you commanded. it could even do your house work, collect water firewood etc. I however used to wonder why the coasterians were not that sharp and instead of using the jinis to make themselves super rich so that they would never need to collect firewood in the first place, they opted to use those super powers against each other. so that it was fatally dangerous to mess with anyones wife, insult him or disrespect him. he would send the jini. that baffled me. so much power yet concentrated in doing only negative and destructive things.

but another thing about the jini was that once u bought it, it never left you and when there was no more work or blood for it, it would turn against you and your homestead and would eventually consume you.

Well that was ages ago. but recently a close friend of mine for eastern told another bizarre story, when violence in naivasha and dandora started. he said that it was fatally foolish to send mungiki to naivasha, nakuru and dandora ostensibly to protect the kikuyus there. his point was that mungiki operated like the jini. they crave dirty work and blood but they never leave. they will do all your dirty work and then turn against you and consume you. so according to him, the mungiki would not leave even after the luo were forcefully evicted but they would continue demanding payment from every home. they would then turn to rape, ritual killings and striping women trousers. eventually they would take over those places all together so for the kikuyus in those areas it would be double loss.

Well my friend prediction seems to have been spot on since just over here in lower kabete and kingero, am told the guys were stopping matatus and asking people funny questions like how u call the heel of your foot in kikuyu. if you did not know you were evicted or slashed. but if you knew, meaning you were kikuyu, then you parted with your wallet, phone, money , rings and anything valuable since they (mungiki) were hungry and must feed. in some cases they went door to door and did the same and where they found single women, they raped them. and today am reading of the story in naivasha where they have already directed that women must not be seen in trousers as that according to them is against african traditions. if you do they strip you naked! am sure soon they will start performing FGM on those women as well.

but when that is going on, am told of another strange scenario in china. am not sure its true but my friend who is always very current with current affairs tells me that the far east nation is facing a different kind of crisis. they currently have just about 300 million highly eligible bachelors who cannot and will not find brides since there is a shortage of women in the part of the world!


  1. This is a very pithy post I must admit, you have pointed something out that many people havent admitted.
    The mungiki at the end of the day benefit no-one but themselves, they are just thugs running around under the cover of Kikuyu solidarity.
    The government officials who are assisting them will find this out the hard way very soon.

  2. ON,

    The Jini part of your post made me laugh. I had been told those stories too,lol.

    I had heard that some swahilis had jinis that made them wealthy. They woke up in the morning with mega cash under the pillows,lol.

    You are right, once you take them on, they are with your family through generations,lol.

    As for the dreaded Mungiki, the people who unleashed them, will live to regret it. I think the fact that they turned on their own last year, speaks volumes.

  3. I've hear the jini stories too. In fact late last year we were informed that one of our relatives has several at her service. This told with all the seriousness it deserves!

    The Mungiki and those militia groups that have sprouted all over of late will end up doing harm to the same people who thought they could help their cause.

    Very nice post.

  4. interesting post especially the part of china.

    The way Kenyan ladies talk of lack of guys to Marry, i guess china would be a great prospect

  5. Do you guys believe in jinis?


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