Wednesday, January 09, 2008

vital lessons from the poll

Time may have now come to pick up the pieces count the losses and most importantly take the vital lessons.

I would say for sure that now i can see Kalonzos miracle loud and clear even after i dismissed him in one earlier post. that he would emerge as the biggest winner is slowly unfolding. The man who is still quite young, articulate and sharp has beaten both former foe and friend to the most coveted position at the moment; the heir apperent. kibaki will be in his last term and so kalonzo can start using his position to reach out across the devide and position himself for the vote in 2012. the man finds himself in the same position one daniel arap moi did in the '70s. and if devine providence continues to be on his side. Kibaki can easily die in office after 2 years (the campaign seems to have taken a toll on the old man) and KM would ascend to power at least for 90 days. for that matter KM is poised to become the next prezo. i have learnt from that how KM exploited the stand off between Kibaki and raila two strong candidates for his last laugh. am sure the other liutenants in PNU who worked so hard must be looking from the sides with envy. KM will now be the boss of other presidential hopefuls like Kenyata, karua, kiraitu , kombo etc. the lesson i learn is: to succeed, think only of yourself and go for the kill come hell or highwater also you can use your tribe cleverly for your utmost price.

second lesson; never assume! the situation we find oursleves in was caused by assumptions. Kibaki camp assumed Raila was unelectable thats why they never worked hard enough in the begining. if fact PNU must thank steadman for showing them the emminent loss. else they would lost by such a wide margin that even the top-up rigging may have failed. but Raila's camp also made one fatal assumption. that Kibaki was a gentleman and would not attempt to rig that much. by the time they started realising what was cutting, the flood was already hiting the dyke. had they been fighting against a moi who was openly known for dirty tricks, am sure ODM would have been more vigilant even at the begining.

3rd lesson, tribe doesnt matter, wealth does. why do i say that? i read it in macharia gaithos article. there was absolute calm in the high class estates even as the other peupers slit each others throats! the poor turned against their neighbours from whome they have borrowed salt, sugar , bus fare. and even those who may have at one time or another baby sat their babies etc. here in kenya, the poor of each tribe are just used as the pawns a dangerous game of death, destruction and leadrship.

morality, uprightness, gentlemanness, truth , justice , peace and reconciliation , religion are all opiums for the poor. they dont matter to the rich.

Rich people never commit sin

finaly and this is someone else life mantra; GET RICH OR DIE TRYING (mine: get RICH today or get rich yesterday; use any means necessary!)


  1. @mainat & shiroh, i dont get it!? why do you call it cynical? in fact you just made me look up the word to be sure i understood it!

  2. I'd concentrate more on the 'excellently'. Great read, keep 'em coming.

  3. Kweli psychophancy iko kila mahali. Coz ur side ..soryy.. tribesman lost now ur hating.
    Be my guest, weep till 2012 and the GEMA will be strongly behind Kalonzo with Uhuru as running mate. No "boy" will ever rule this great country of ours the MAU MAU shed blood for while other lossers were engaging in Tero buro.

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