Monday, April 28, 2008

...whispering lights soft kissing mature trees in the dark...

cool, gentle renditions of great Kenyan and African music of old spiced with some western blues, great smiles and gentle manner, whispering lights, open skies, lighted trees, toad and frog calls from the gentle streams, roasted meat on swords, downed by a choice of great wines and spirits...How does that sound for a break from political squabbles? Well thats what Safari Park offered at the beginning of a great dinner the other day. It was hard to think that just next door hundreds of drivers could be stuck in the traffic on the busy and mad Thika Road. in this day and age its hard to meet so many smiles in one sitting. and patience, for that, i give a big thumbs up to the waiters.

But my best was yet to come. the safari cats as fresh as ever gave an over one hour pulsating energetic show which was so well oiled, i kept on wondering how they were able to change costumes that first. By the way do they do beauty auditions before they recruit dancers? the skins looking shiny and flawless. the young men were so energetic i felt jealous! what with they well defined six park, the agile jumps. it was just amazing. but no one had warned me so i never carried a camera to capture the moment. that show really made me proud to be Kenyan. Dances from many Kenyan tribes some of which fought each other in January were replayed on stage though a little modernized with great costumes. Then came the acrobats performing stunts to fast paced Congolese music. at most points i held my breath coz i kept on thinking they would hurt themselves.

But that show was going on when more stockbrokers were facing the hammer. who was the blogger who predicted that these guys would soon start going down like a house of cards? We may need to lynch that blogger for doom saying. however the upside to all this is that what he/she also predicted that banks would take over and bring in the much needed capital, professionalism and corporate ownership has also come true.

And with Safaricom in the bag, investors will be looking to taking up one of the largest 'small man bank' in the country only two years after another one , equity went 'live' co-operative bank has already announced their price so up your sleeves suitors. if this is anything to go by, you can also start readying for CIC insurance.

finally things are looking up!

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