Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Show me the Money!

I have been trying to get the media to expose what I consider a scandal of glaring proportions. I have always naively thought that the media was on the right side of life. what with all their noise making about sleaze, koinange street, vote robbery and everything negative. I even thought i could make some money while at it. To 'sell' my story to the media and also get authorities who have neglected their duty to act. Shock! every media house i approached, ok let me say every media personnel i approached just asked for money. and they told me in many words that the thickness of the font will depend on the fatness of the check! I can even get my story on the front page or as a headline news on TV as long as i was willing to part with a sizable bribe.

Other than the media, i have noticed that somehow my electricity bill has slightly gone down from what it was sometime starting October through February. A friend had told me that PNU were using KPLC to fund the campaign and KPLC had simply forwarded the cost to the consumer. i brushed it off as mere campaign propaganda. but just the other day another NGO gave that very report and now i cannot explain how come my bill has gone down just the same way i could not explain how come it went up so suddenly late last year. my consumption has largely remained the same.

However what has not remained the same is my consumption of petrol. Its even difficult to say. that a littre of petrol now goes for 100 bob! i dont know where i will hide but this surely is a sign of tough times.

The tough times are already being felt by property owners whose rents will have to come down since most expats are fleeing the strengthening of the shilling (or is it the weakening of the dollar) those who used to get 80,000 a month on rent are now getting 60,000 a month since the they charged 1000 dollars. but the expats also claim that the cost of doing business has gone up but i see it more as being that the salaries have remained the same in dollars terms even though its power has largely been eroded.

Power erosion is not a term African leaders want to hear. I feel very sorry for Mugabe. surely why should a man subject himself to so much ridicule and shame. Anyway why am i going that far. right here at home because of power a man risked the life of a whole nation just to cling to power and prevent it from being taken away. Power was more important than thousands of lives and even wife , children and grandchildren. Family i guess comes second to power

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  1. Surely I dont understand why Raila had to put the life of a whole nation just to get power, that was shameful. But we will move on.


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