Tuesday, April 01, 2008

its a brave (greedy) new world

Its really a brave new world. with few inhibitions, only justifications. this brave world is what makes some driver hold up a whole line of vehicles which may include an ambulance with a patient near his death because the driver is waiting for a parking slot. its this world that allows one to squeeze through the traffic and disobey all the laws of nature and state to get to where he wants.
this new world is good. its what made science to stand out and save lives through transplants, compassion abortions, euthanasia and the like. This brave near world made kings irrelevant with people choosing to succeed in their own names as opposed to doing everything in the name of the king or queen of England, Babito, Baganda or any other king. But this new world has taken off without others who still are willing to die defending what their leaders (or what they perceive them to be) believe in or eat.

I love the new world for one, that everyone knows what he/she wants and gets it. not like the old where women were not supposed to eat chicken, or pegion or quail. the world has released the flavors of those delicacies to everyone for some that food went straight to the hip and tummy. but still there were free to choose. in this world, no one is afraid of getting rich. no need to feel guilty for throwing a tone of half eaten burgers even if million others starve in the next city. this new world is the one that has created billionaires in dollar terms. great sportsmen and women earning a dream a month.

the new world has questioned old order. creeds and pacts. its what has made people shun the slow methodical traditional catholic worship for the fast paced wealth focused Pentecostals which promise instant answers from God. promising that God works just like the stock market. invest now reap tomorrow. the more you put the merrier. and those who approached God like they approached a slot machine went to court to sue the evangelists, bishops, prophets etc of God. could they do it if they weren't brave? That even God is expected to deliver at the promised time lest he faces court cases.

Brave new world has seen a skinny man born of Kenyan dad and white woman in America dare the status quo and declare that he has all the answers to the problems in the greatest nation on earth.

this is the world where my little kid dares to ask me whether i will buy her the Safaricom IPO for her birthday and also why i haven't considered getting her a blackberry. This happening while other people wait for their MPs to decide whether or not to invest in their future.

Its a funny new world too. for others agree to kill innocent Americans and themselves with a belief that that will win them 70 virgins in heaven. I thought a man cannot manage one virgin!

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