Monday, April 07, 2008

...grand expectations ...grand disappointments!

I have borrowed the title of a book i read in my youth. great expectations. it suggested that great expectations always led to great disappointments. and it seems rather clear why that should happen. since to every action there must be an equal opposite reaction force. However i never expected the grand disappointment of yesterday. i expected the cabinet to be named. i expected kibaki to for one time in his life, respect the wishes of the majority kenyan people and do the right thing. i expected him to honor what they agreed on with Raila odinga. i was wrong. 5 years after lying to kenyans over the mou, supported by former reformists, religious leaders and all the former 'men of good will' , Kibaki was at it again. even after messing our lives by stealing the vote. its really salt unto injury.

And i am left to wonder. whats worse that a country can have? an obtuse president or an indecisive one? leaders, managers and CEOs are often paid to decide. thats all. they get heavy paychecks just to make decision of where people should be going. kibaki has been failing in that particular objective of his job day in day out. the man still sits in state house as the head of more than 34 million kenyans not because he performed his job well but only because of the tribalism of our nation.

last week i was upbeat. and i was not alone, even the stock market jumped for joy. the kenyan shilling grew stronger. we looked forward to sunday. only for the man to do what he does best. go back on his word. its so sad. but why? why must all this happen. the animal called portfolio balance is not scientific. it cant be measured. its so grey and amorphous. why cant we just go back to elections? back to make a firm decision. of course after seeing off the other obtuse old man called kivuitu, kihara mutu and their kith.

we cannot go on like this. its already quite heart rending to see people of all ages hurdled like chicken in IDP camps in their own country. children who cannot be registered for exams since their parents are fighting. fighting for what? killing their neighbors, wives, husbands friends for what , for whom? nothing. and at that time some old men and woman somewhere hold on to power like a drowning man to a straw!

on another note though, i have been asked severally how far up safaricom will go on the first day of trading. and whether i can guarantee that if you put 100K you can get 300K by 1st of june. Well i dont know.

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