Tuesday, April 08, 2008

of peace and greed

so the reports are on that the talks have collapsed. ODM have thrown in the towel and said that they will not talk until kibaki understands the accord. I simply don't get it. is it that Kibaki normally has his eyes closed when signing agreements or is he just mean? he argued very strongly to dishonor the gentleman's agreement 5 years ago. people agreed with him that we were not aware of the contents. however this time the situation is different. the agreement was in the press. we all read it and understood. the old man is coming back claiming that he did not know about the details of the accord!

so again we risk what happened in January or worse. already there are reports of chaos in some parts of nairobi as well as tension in kisumu and eldoret. Kibaki insists on holding on to what he stole whether we all die or not.

and these chaos will come at a worse time, when people are lining up to take up their positions in safaricom IPO. what that will mean to us is for any one to guess


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