Wednesday, April 23, 2008

global warning

Something is escaping the attention of kenyan bloggers, journalists and analysts. something grand and threatening. and no its not the IDP whose plight still hangs in the balance ( by the way are IDP only IDP if they are kikuyu? ) and it also isnt the permanent secretary choices that made some headlines today. it is the looming hunger the world over.

a number of things have collectively conspired to threaten over 100 million people in all the continents with imminent starvation. From flood situations to biofuel farming in United states. conflicts in africa, drought in the horn , belligerence and sheer madness in Zimbabwe. land conflicts in kenya ( as well as the decision by farmers to move to passion farming instead of the staple maize - show me the money!) diseases in wheat and rice production and so on.

the situation is grim and in some countries in the far east, governments have started freezing food exports to build up reserves for their own people. (like moses did in Egypt of old)

However Kenyans may not build up reserves for two reasons 1. They know for a fact that yellow maize will come from the US (tough luck this time) and 2. They will wait for last minute when the hunger is already biting and people are eating dead dogs.

and talking of last minute, a friend called me in desperation when he saw the Dyer and Blair queue at amazon motors on loita street. The winding line was to say the least shocking. He wanted me to find a quick solution for him! well the only solution was to come early, 3 weeks before. those queues are everywhere including our own banks and i already had so many people sending the same sos that trying to help them all would mean forming a very long queue. I actually saw the situation at amazon motors yester night. the beloved kenyans were very patiently waiting for their turn though.

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