Friday, April 25, 2008

National Healing

finally The president and the Prime minister have embarked on a heal the nation tour. I know there are many thorny issues to iron out. but all in all i wish them every success and every wisdom. I hope they will find back that energy with which they criss crossed the nation seeking out voters. I hope they will be as energetic and enthusiastic and that they will give us a new reason to see each other as one people. All the best our dear Principals!

...prayers of my kids ...

...Lord help those mungiki who are angry so that they cannot be angry ...
...Lord help those children who are just outside
...and father bless those people who were crying so that they are quiet
... saint Mary ... pray for us
...saint John ... pray for us
...saint Dad ... Pray for us
...saint mum ... pray for us
...saint aunty ...pray for us

So you see am already a saint way before my death!


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