Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the shy , the bold and the offensive

Kenya is normally divided into 3 distinct sections during any major decision making such as elections. normally there are those who are bold and pushy about what they want. then there are the offensive and emotional. this group never talks coherently about what they want, they rather normally just choose to insult the other group and say why that group must not be given what they are yearning for. then there is normally a 'third force' the middle ground group who never makes their stand known. they normally lurk in the alleys waiting to jump onto the winning wagon. this group is also a very clever group and normally offers their allegiance to the highest bidder! I hate the middle ground group.

the referendum debate was a very unfair debate and never gave the middle grounders a chance. you either ate orange or went bananas. i enjoyed it.

but there is another group i left out 'kimaksudi' , the shy group who have a stand but would not want anyone to know since they have been scolded or told that they are future leaders. some have even been told that decision making in kenya is a dirty game and must be left to dirty people. this shy group is large and have directly been responsible for letting things get out of hand. even though most of the pple in this group are very well educated, professional or successful in business and academia, they have continued to 'sin' by omission and watch as mostly 'dirty' men run this country down the drain.

it was for this reason that i supported the MPs for increasing their salaries and allowances and making the position very lucrative and attractive. my hope was that some of the shy people would be jolted into positive action. this country badly needs their leadership and insight!

My appeal to bloggers be they investment bloggers, entertainment or whatever is to make their stand known and make this country the nation we want it to be. it doesn't help to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that things will work themselves out. its also foolhardy to run to other democracies such as USA, UK, SA and the like and state that you will never be back until we back here sorted out the mess. those nations are the way they are due to the hard work that all their citizens embarked on and their resolve to make their lives better. they agreed to get their hands dirty. As they say; the grass is greener the other side since thsoe people scythe their sod!


  1. Well Odeg, Im happy not to be in Kenya and will continue to live out here for a very long time. Why is this? Because, I'll never have nightmares about insecurity - mugiki head chopping bastards na kadhalika. Free healthcare which is not in Kenya and whats available is crap. Free education for my children. Wide choice of job opportunities. Guaranteed better services be it in a shop, public transport, bank, garbage collection, name it....the list is very long. In short I live in a great country which looks after its citizens unlike those thieving Kenya politicians who don't think about anyone else but themselves.

  2. Wow! I guess to each his own. Although I live outside Kenya too, I'm not so swift to sing the praises of my host country. Being away, as long as it has been (Over 15 years), it is still a temporary situation in my book. Although we seem to be getting nowhere in implementing change in Kenya at this time, I believe it will happen some day. That is why I would like to give someone else a shot at the presidency. I wish we had more choices but we don't, and therefore, my vote will be going to the only option that we have for change. I'll be casting this vote in the hopes of being a part of that change in the coming years. My bags are packed ... "Mwacha mila ni mtumua". There's no way I can sing the praises of free health care and free education while my brothers and sisters are suffering.

  3. Nyang', I love this country with all the problems associated with it. It makes every single day worth the living, imagine if there were no instances to wake up to. But still that's the reason we all have to make our choice. Its now or never. We have what's ours, the healthcare, we pay for it because we can afford it, call it whatever you want to call it, it works. Don't we have job opportunities? Depends on what this is all about. We will get the votes we need. Look at SA, everyone runs there but how's their crime rate? You cannot compare that to our beloved country's. UK/US, just coz they dont talk about it doesnt mean that they dont have their fair share of problems, what with all the immigrants (yah, the likes of us) who now believe we are in democrasies the whole world envies. They are that way because of their sacrifices, dont be fooled. Where is your allegiance? Mine's with the man or woman who will save ur from ourselves. I stand up to be counted, I need change. And now!

  4. @no-spin, you so i failed to find anything to tell mali

    @ja-dear, my friend tells me on ething all the time. what matters is what makes you happy. do u derive excitement by making money for the sake of it? would u do a job u hate for all the money in the world for its own sake? or do u derive energy from family , friends, parties, recognition etc its all about your won value systems


    Central Kenya MPs now back Majimbo


    Central Kenya MPs have agreed for the first time to back Majimbo – a federal system of government.

    The policy switch came during a marathon meeting of the Central Kenya Parliamentary Group which ended at 2am yesterday.

    Previously the MPs, mainly from the Gikuyu, Embu and Meru Association (Gema), had insisted Majimbo would be too expensive for Kenya.

    Discussions at the meeting – at La belle Inn in Naivasha – centred on the MPs' political survival and their representation in the next government after President Moi retires.

    Key to that aim, one MP said, was the need to mobilise Central Kenya communities to join a single political party to ensure they have strong bargaining power in the formation of the next government.

    The group believes that if they support a single political party along with "some selected friendly communities" they could comfortably win at least 70 to 80 Parliamentary seats.

    The MPs also discussed strategies for the economic revival of Central Kenya and ways of ensuring that the region was fully represented in a future goverrnment.

    Within that context four of the MPs said they would not be opposed to supporting a Kanu candidate at the next General Election, although a clear majority of the 35 MPs present later claimed the four had been giving only their personal views and did not speak either for the Parliamentary group or for Gema.

    The marathon meeting started on Thursday at 8 pm.

    The MPs were mainly from the Democratic Party, Ford-People, the Social Democratic Party and Safina, while Gatundu South MP Moses Muihia and Dagoretti MP Beth Mugo attended the group's meeting for the first time.

    DP chairman Mwai Kibaki skipped the talks, which were chaired by group chairman and DP patron Njenga Karume (Kiambaa). Kieni's Chris Murungaru was secretary.

    Speaking to the Nation later, Mr Karume said that the group was planning another meeting in Nairobi next week.

    "We discussed the development of Central Kenya but we shall tell you more then," Mr Karume said.

    Kanu's President Moi and NDP leader Raila Odinga have now been mandated by their parties to work out a merger.

    On the other hand, Mr Kibaki, who is believed to support the Central Kenya group, has been in talks with Ford Kenya's Kijana Wamalwa and NPK leader Charity Ngilu in search of alignment.

    Sources at the Naivasha meeting told the Nation that members had in a radical departure resolved to support majimbo; the federal system of government.

    "We have now decided to go for majimbo but we still stand by our position that we should have a government of national unity," a source told the Nation yesterday.

    However, they have set one condition for majimbo – that the provincial boundaries are reworked and people allowed to register in the jimbo (federal state) of their choice.

    They plan to present their detailed proposals on this to the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission when it begins collecting views.

    The meeting discussed the coffee industry and resolved to demand the release of the remaining Stabex cash.

    "We have to fight for the political and economic empowerment of our people and find ways of tackling the elections. That is why we met. We are particularly angered by the Government's refusal to release the Stabex funds in toto. We are tired of waiting," another MP said.

    The MPs also complained that the Government was dragging its feet over implementation of the Donde Act to regulate interest rates and the Coffee Bill which is yet to be tabled .

    MPs Matu Wamae, Chris Murungaru and Muhika Mutahi, said the meeting discussed which leaders could reach out to other Kenyan communities.

    Dr Murungaru said: "Nevertheless this was a special meeting and that is why we decided to meet at night when there is not much distraction."

    Dr Murungaru gave the Nation a list of MPs who attended the meeting. They included; Joseph Kuria Mukira (Subukia), Paul Kihara (Naivasha), Martha Karua (Gichugu), Mwangi Kiunjuri (Laikipia East), Kamande Mwangi (Maragwa), Maina Njakwe (Mathioya), Joshua Toro (Kandara), Chege Mbitiru (Laikipia West), Muriuki Karue (Ol Kalao), James Kibicho (Ndia), David Manyara (Nakuru Town), Mwangi Githiomi (Kipipiri), Philip Gitonga (Lari), Beth Mugo (Dagoretti), Norman Nyaga (Kamukunji), Njehu Gatabaki (Githunguri), Patrick Muiruri (Gatundu North), David Mwenje (Embakasi), Stephen Ndichu (Juja), David Murathe (Gatanga), Njeru Ndwiga (Manyatta), Thirikwa Kamau (Ndaragwa), Ngenye Kariuki (Kiharu), Adolf Muchiri (Kasarani), Alfred Nderitu (Mwea), Moses Muihia (Gatundu South), John Michuki (Kangema), Matere Keriri (Kerugoya Kutus), Kihara Mwangi (Kigumo), David Mwiraria (Imenti North) and Kiraitu Murungi (Imenti South).

  6. THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF!!................Raila's Qotable Quotes..

    "The NSE is full of illegal money from drugs and money laundering...."

    "My life is in danger,Michuki wants to finish me!" (Nonsense,still breathing)

    "I have evidence the govt wants to eliminate Livondo and then blame it on me!" ( More Nonsense!)

    "Jakoyo Midowo was shot at and his vehicle skidded at Mbagathi Rd."
    (Later established that the MP was on a drinking spree in Nairobi West and his car tyre burst!)

    "They want to steal elections,they are doctoring the register!" (ECK says it's complete nonsense.

    Is this the kind of president you guys want full of damn lies??

    WOLF!........ WOLF.......


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