Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ati rarieda district! Kibaki sure is a comedian. ok before you am hit with thousands of anti-me punches. who thought rarieda was going to be made a district? it now joins the likes of suba as a one constituency district. so kibaki was lying when he said that we he was moving away from the nyayo ways of dishing out ministries and districts. however nyayo tried it and survived for two terms. desperate times call for desperate actions. at this rate the whole country will be dissected into millions of miniature districts all in the name of going back to kilimani estate. and by the way, where on earth is 'mimi kama rais' lucy? she should be telling us now why she must continue as well as michuki, murungaru etc.


  1. Did you just mention something like "Rarieda district"!!!! LMAO. At this rate I can see who the Reddykyllas (comedians) is about to sure for driving them out of business.


  2. And now we got Mwala district in Ukambani.http://eastandard.net/news/?id=1143976432

    I am truly dissapointed in Kibs. Problem is this new districts aren't translating into votes.

  3. funny thing is the same people saying that majimbo will bring ukabila are the same people who create tribe linked districts such as kisii district, suba district, samia district, kuria etc

  4. thats the one thing i have hated about kibaki this districts...we need less districts and better roads. in 20yrs demographics alone will make this districst menaingless. i mena the distance between some of thsi districts e.g from kakamega to vihiga
    (and i think there is a district in between)
    is like 20miles. do we need a new district or a better road ?


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