Tuesday, October 09, 2007

online entertainement

With a lull in the investor activity. Safaricom sale facing hurdles both internal and external , i have been spending many hours reading very entertaining 'thoughts and analysis' in various blogs and sites. such hitherto respected sites as stockskenya has been reduced to a public shouting arena with tribalists going over themselves to get the filthiest insults to hurl at one another. the other interesting site is Mashada. on blog front, i am finding kumekucha very comical indeed. i am told that these sites are modorated by 'right' thinking and professional Kenyans mainly in the diaspora. They give one a very good picture of how Kenya wants to develop!


  1. You're brave Ode ... I try to be open minded but I just can't get through too much of some of that stuff. I'm also thinking, some of these people must have way too much time on their hands. They've made this their full time job. Some names seem to be permanent fixtures on some of these blogs. I really want this campaigning business to be over with so we can get back to real business.

  2. @no-spin, it was bothering me until i decided to get the fun out of it. now i read those posts for pure enjoyment and just to know the mindset of kenyans

  3. I've not visited any of the others, but Mashada - are those guys serious? And speaking of moderation... what moderation? Still, ni tu vile Kenya ilivyo, I suppose!


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