Tuesday, November 06, 2007

generational gaps

there was this time, i got a visit by my young sister-in-law. just before going away, she asked to be taken out (for a dance) and her sister gave us the approval. so we set out with her in great anticipation. just the two of us. I didn't know what kind of dance she would like so, i acted like a good gentleman and asked her about her favorite music. she said she liked local music. that was good , i knew just where i would get great local music and a great crowd too! so we drove straight there and went ahead to have a great evening or so i thought. however after she went is when her sister told me how bored my sister-in-law had been than night. asking how come, she said "it was because you took her to dance to very old music and in any case its not what she had told you". but but, the music we were dancing to by the likes of dola kabarry, musa juma are the newest, in fact they are hot from the pan! but no, the issue was that i did not understand what the girl had meant by local. local musicians to her meant nonini, jua kali, nameless and such like characters! so i learnt my vital lesson that a simple term such as 'local' can have such different meanings to people separated by less than a decade age difference. i wonder which other terms would have very great difference in meanings to people separated by jubilees of age differences


  1. THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF!!................Raila's Qotable Quotes..

    "The NSE is full of illegal money from drugs and money laundering...."

    "My life is in danger,Michuki wants to finish me!" (Nonsense,still breathing)

    "I have evidence the govt wants to eliminate Livondo and then blame it on me!" ( More Nonsense!)

    "Jakoyo Midowo was shot at and his vehicle skidded at Mbagathi Rd."
    (Later established that the MP was on a drinking spree in Nairobi West and his car tyre burst!)

    "They want to steal elections,they are doctoring the register!" (ECK says it's complete nonsense.

    Is this the kind of president you guys want full of damn lies??

    WOLF!........ WOLF.......

  2. Don't bother answering that cause you are not Raila.Lakini unajua what they say.Lisemwalo lipo.Where there is smoke,there is bound to be fire.Mimi nafuata nyayo tu.


    Raila’s son, Fidel Castrol Odinga, is named after the world’s longest serving dictator. Fidel Castrol (the Cuban head of state) is the communist who turned Cuba into a third world slum. Why should this be a point of concern for Kenyans? Fidel Castrol (the Cuban head of state) is Raila’s role model. Raila is a communist and a dictator at heart. If we make the mistake of giving him the presidency now he will never let go. This guy will be a life president.

    When someone says something is not about money, it usually is about money, when they say something is not about power, it is about power. Raila is denying -without being accused, at least publicly - that he hates Kikuyus. His earlier comments tell a different story. Remember the comment he made that Uhuru was the only good Kikuyu when they were both in ODM?
    Raila tries to defend himself with quips such as “even my son (Fidel) is married to a Kikuyu”. Lets all remember the rumors that were flying around that Raila was actually opposed to the wedding/marriage on tribal grounds! He saw it as a betrayal by his own son. When the young Odinga held his grounds, Raila had no option but to play along to avoid a public spectacle.

    Raila is accusing the PNU of creating Raila-phobia among the Kikuyu. Raila is creating Kikuyu- phobia among everyone else as did Moi throughout his rule.

    Let’s go back to Kanu’s infamous Kasarani One. The blatant Injustices were being done to Kamotho, Saitoti and the rest; they were being robbed of their positions in what Kamotho referred to as “uchaguzi wa kupiga makelele”. Since things were going Raila’s way, the great defender of the oppressed did not raise a finger. A few weeks later when the same injustices were to be done to him – Raila – in Kasarani Two, he was running all over the place crying foul. Had he been President Moi’s choice, would he have said anything?

    A more recent case is when Kalonzo and Raila were both in ODM-Kenya and the party was trying to come up with the best formula to pick its presidential candidate. Kalonzo favored consensus while Raila said delegate were the only way. He made all manner of threats if the delegates system was not going to be used. Then, Raila and Ruto ambushed Kalonzo at Ruto’s house and tried to arm-twist him into agreeing that Raila be president, Kalonzo be VP and so forth. Kalonzo refused, but Raila and Ruto mischievously went ahead and leaked news to the media that Kalonzo had agreed to a “winning formula”. The point is that Raila was ready to agree to the consensus method only if he was going to be the presidential candidate. After Kalonzo’s refusal, Raila was latter insisting on delegates while Kalonzo stuck to consensus. Kalonzo later intelligently posed, “The meeting in Ruto’s home, was that a delegates conference?”

    Ask yourself this: would there have been ‘the pentagon’ is Raila had not been made the presidential candidate. The only reason why Raila agreed to the nominations at Kasarani was because everything had been agreed upon beforehand. The ‘Nominations’ were just for show.

    “Kibaki Tosha” statement was not an act of martyrdom as Raila would like to have us believe.
    When Raila and the LDP brigade left Kanu, they had two choices: either join forces with the best established opposition outfit at the time, NAK or become politically irrelevant. Why Raila chose to go “Kibaki Tosha” way had nothing to do with his love for Kenya or his love for Kikuyus as he claimed during the launch of his presidential bid in Uhuru Park. It was the most appealing (and may be only) choice he had at the time. Consider this:
    i) Raila and the LDP team could not have gone it alone – they had tried in ’97 before the ‘Cooperasion” – and failed.
    ii) The then opposition – NAK perceived Raila as a traitor. The only way he could change this perception was through a seemingly selfless act.
    iii) Raila wanted to take his revenge on Moi – the only way to do this was to make sure that Moi’s ‘Project’ did not succeed – even if it meant joining forces with the tribe he hated most. An enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    iv) Raila felt he could extract his pound of flesh from the tired and desperate Mwai Kibaki’s NAK group – as he did through the infamous MOU, which was simply unimplementable.

    ODM is a story of a corrupt family that brought down the molasses plant among other ills. It is a story of bishops who lie without battling an eyelid. It is about people who brought down parastatals such as the Kenya National Assurance. Now since all the scum is defecting to ODM and ODM has no vetting policy for its civic and parliamentary candidates – how can ODM tell us they are going to make a difference?

    If you have ever listened to Raila’s famous football commentaries, the ‘goal’ is usually Raila getting the presidency not what he plans to do for the people of Kenya with the presidency.
    Raila has been consistent about one thing: his hunger for power. This should not be confused with struggle for the country or for the people of Kenya. Raila has never told us how he plans to use power to better our lives. All Raila is doing now is to make all manner of promises to everyone. Here are some of them:
    a. Constitution within 6 months
    b. Make Ruto Executive prime minister within 6 months
    c. Majimbo
    d. Free primary and secondary education
    e. 13% economic growth (he promises double the current growth rate)
    f. Reduce taxes
    g. Make Mombasa a free port like Dubai
    h. Dual carriage way roads throughout Kenya
    i. Free housing for slum dwellers
    j. Employment for all
    k. Eradication of poverty

    Quite a nice list, isn’t it? But there is no mention about how he is going to achieve these things. Saying that he “knows where the money is going to come from” is not enough.
    Take the constitution for example. If its making is going to be a people driven, all inclusive process, how can he guarantee that all the interested parties are going to agree on one document within six months? Is he going to ram whatever he likes down our throats in the name of giving us a new constitution? Remember Kenyans are not going to accept any constitution without a referendum.

    Take the free secondary and primary education. How are we going to pay for the education and reduce taxes at the same time without running to the donors? And if we go to the donors, isn’t that what we are trying to run away from?

    Let’s be wary about these extravagant promises. Remember: a pessimist is an optimist on his way back from the casino.

    Raila sees the NSE as a symbol of the Kikuyu dominance of the economy. He would like to bring it down as soon as possible. This is why he labeled it a hub of insider trading and money laundering. His reason of doing this is that he will have enough justification when tearing it apart.
    ODM is portraying the PNU as a bunch of people who know nothing about constitution making. The PNU is painting the ODM group as a bunch of people who know nothing about the economy. I don’t know much about constitution making, but I know that Raila appears to understand very little about the economy.

    ‘Chungwa ni chungu’

    "My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular."
    These are the words of Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

    Anybody who is not pro Raila is seen as an enemy by Raila’s supporters. Several cases in point are what happened to Tuju, Nasleem and Livondo in different instances in Kisumu and Kibera. Just imagine that happening in the whole country. All the democratic space we have gained over the last few years will go down the drain. Any anti-Raila comment in the radio, on the street or on TV will earn you a proper beating if this man was president.

    The tragedy here is that Raila has never condemned this behaviour by his supporters which means he condones it.

    Now imagine such people in positions of power. If you need a preview, remember how Gor Sunguh handled Nicholas Biwott during the Sunguh read committee on Ouko. Sunguh shouted down Biwott and hardly allowed him to say anything. In the end all he managed to do is to make Biwott appear like a modern day saint.

    Giving the government to this Raila will be the biggest mistake of our lives. We will be throwing away the gains made so far. Raila’s extremism is not good for the Country. With Raila in power, tribalism will be felt in every aspect of our lives starting with the plot or kijiji we live in. The words ‘our government’ will no longer mean what it means now. The bragging has already started with utterances like “the government is going to be ours” being said by members of a certain community. The cartoonist Gado captured the mood perfectly in a recent issue of the Daily Nation. Whatever you do, make sure you vote. Make sure you vote against Raila. Vote for anyone but Raila. Let’s block this communist from ruining our country. The age of dictators in this Kenya is over. Let’s keep it buried.

    I would like to know how Raila feels about the following two issues. If he became president will he:
    Assure John Githong’o of his security and give him his job back?
    Put his portrait on our money?

    Some advice for Raila and ODM:
    "If the attack is going well, it probably means you are walking into an ambush."
    - Murphy’s Law:

    The writer is a very concerned Kenyan.

  3. @anonns,Your comments are very irrelevant to my post. maybe i can advice that you open your own blogs and make the posts there? would you like to do that?

  4. well said what are the two clowns talking about? Odegle good advice.
    Anyway I'm glad to know I'm not the only one would have failed the test if asked what 'local' music is!

  5. Odegle I can feel your pain. lol. She should have said she wants "genge" music....na sio genge la wezi or the fish!

  6. Soon after disowning his MOU with the muslims,Raila has today in a press conference denied about that "obiero" interview document doing the rounds and has stated that he will not be putting Ruto to jail after all. He has also pledged to do away with ETR machines,a key reform measure in taxation. With the Obiero saga,he has given it a life and even those who could have dismissed it as mere propaganda will start thinking twice about it.

    The man is increasingly having to cover his base. In a war situation a general is about to lose a war when all his war strategies left is in covering his base. Raila's goose is getting roasted. He is now more on defensive than on attack and when he tries to fight back he is getting his own missiles boomeranging back to him. The Ken Ren scandal he tried to ignite in the end shows him as non detail person because the Finance PS immediately called his bluff and asked for documentary evidence in budget estimates. Of course he will not provide any but will instead be left with too much egg on his face. Also the rigging rumour he brought up last week gave Kivuitu an opportunity to make him look very unpresidentiial

    When he threatens to interfere with a key institutions like KRA and yet he projects to grow the economy by double digit figures one is left wondering whether he will even maintain the current growth rate. In any case ETR is only unpopular with tax evading traders while the common man supports it because the rogue traders are reigned. So the votes he hopes to get from such a small proportion of the society shows a man in desperation. I think his tricks from his magic bag are getting fewer by the day. With the election date being so far away,I wonder what allegations and promises he will be issuing by then.

    Kazi iendelee

  7. Now I know there is local and there is local.

  8. @all, it just made me learn to ask more questions. like which music do u like? local,
    local rap, local benga, local regea or local taarab? local taarab
    local taarab of nairobi, local taarab malindi, local taarab mombasa or local taarab dar es salam?
    etc ...

    he he


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