Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smart moves

So who was the smarter one? almost one week after ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga visited the NSE, the value of shareholder wealth continues to rise. And if Kimunya's argument is to be held then it appears that investors have also discovered some love for the fish monger. so its not true that the market fears either fishermen or bee keepers. Raila took the fight to the floor of the bourse but no one was there to fight back. only his relative was there to recieve raila's son and daughter in law. the market rose for the first time in as many weeks that day and has continued to rise. Mr. Jimnah Mbaruh who had started all this in the first place was away somewhere in the land of former colonialists telling them that raila presidency was bad for the economy! He said the NSE does not need the man. when he came back and found that numbers from the bourse were suggesting otherwise, he now declared that politicians must keep out of the market! what an about turn! never rattle a snake mr mbaruh! your friend michuki knows better. if you invite politics you will be stung and badly. in fact the unfortunate careless insults by the finance minister are more dangerous to the NSE than anything else.

but looking at it again criticaly, between ODM and PNU whose govt would threaten the NSE and investors more? me thinks PNU is worse. why? becuase should Kibaki win, his PNU will not have the numbers needed in parliament to pass any bills. all the important house committees will be full of opposition members. he will be forced to horse trade with ODM-K. horse trading means expanding the cabinet, creating positions not needed by the country and basicaly blackmail. what that means is that there will be a lot of uncertainty. now thats the word that a stock market fears most. uncertainty.

on another note yesterday, on KTN, Mutula kilonzo brought himself down by showing open confusion on the question of majimbo. he could not decide whether or not he was for the idea. kimunya was forth right and stated that PNU was for national unity and central governance. he claimed like Moi that majimbo was recipe for chaos. well for moi anything he doesnt like is normally recipe for chaos, he told us as much during the clamour for multy party, and even when we rejected uhuru. he said that electing Kibaki was recipe for chaos.

and while that was happening, John Njue was appointed cardinal of the Holy Roman catholic and apostolic church. only the second in kenya after the late Maurice cardinal Michael Otunga.

funny quote of the day: Kids all over kenya are up in arms against the kenyan politicians for taking over their mchongoanos, insults and games. the kids through spokeschild claimed the shifty old men have also denied them the chance to have role models, grandparents or greatgrandparents!


  1. The reports of what was said in the UK by the Chairman are unfortunate, and Raila also needs to watch what he says at rural campiagns about the NSE

    Looking forward to tonight's debate on KTN on the NSE and politicians.

  2. @bankelele, I cant agree more. in fact i thought by this time Raila should have been carefuly watching what he says. i even thought he should kinda retreat to the background , shun impromtu comments on issues in order to shed off the activists image.

  3. Smart moves indeed. I'm glad he made the statement that he is also an investor and a business man. I think sometimes people forget this. I'd rather have a leader who has run a business than one who's always been a career politician. I think R.O.s intelligence has been grossly underated by many. Kenyan's need to start taking serious notes and vote accordingly.

  4. .................i even thought he should kinda retreat to the background , shun impromtu comments on issues in order to shed off the activists image.............So you do agree your so called demigod is indeed an activist?.

    Ur so quick to jab at Kilonzo & Kimunya yet ur so blind to note the arrogance & rudeness of the so called prof. And u r always bubbling tribalism..


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