Thursday, October 11, 2007

child abuse

My kids came back from school the other day looking very worried. One of them told me that she had bad news from the teacher. upon inquiry, she said that the teacher had told them that Raila's hummer was given to him by Devil worshipers! the teacher went on to say that should Kenya elect the ODM flag bearer, then he would have to return the satanic money and we would all be subject to the Devil!

and as if that abuse was not bad enough, another told me the teacher separated them into two groups based on the name, luos on one side (they happened to be only two in that class) and the rest in another group. she then proceeded to teach them a song in a local language which i later learned was a C-song.

but other warnings were milder though, like telling the young minds that Cocao, soda, meat, chicken, crisps, biscuits etc kill! poor kids could not eat anything the whole evening and the whole day yesterday.

they were also told that the man who represents some of the poorest in Kenya and also some of the richest Kenyans all in one constituency is the one who has caused all the poverty and suffering in our beloved nation.


  1. That's OUTRAGEOUS!!! I would have been matching into that school the following morning and demanding some kind of disciplinary action on the teacher! That's not what we're paying these teachers for! I'm assuming this is primary school - now when did primary schools becoming a political platform? These children are too young to even dare raise an opposing opinion to the teacher. The teacher has a captive audience here that they can spew all kind of garbage on, and the poor kids don't know any better than to take it as gospel. I'm outraged! You have to fight this Ode - our children should not be subjected to this kind of propaganda.

  2. thats outrageous! Is there no law against politics in schools.

  3. OD - You have to put a stop to this one. I went through the same here in the US Virgin islands where one school staff member told one of my kids, "This is not Africa!".

    That's not the way to treat kids in school. Its completely outrageous.


  4. Thank you all. imagine i called the Head master and he asks me which kid reported that to me instead of asking which teacher said it. However am now wondering how to resolve this coz as it is now, they may decide to subject the kid to ridicule or some other sort of victimization

  5. I cannot believe am reading this(tribalism in schools in this year). I empathise with you as the teachers can end up victimising your children.

    At 7 yrs old, (not in Kenya), a teacher continuously picked on me because I was not from the same country as the rest of the students (comments about my nationality etc). I didn’t want to go to school for about 2 months.

    When my Parents found out, they hit the roof, went and saw the head and removed me from the school. I was emotionally scarred from that experience.
    Is this something you can write to the papers about? There must be many other children going through this abuse. These schools should be named and shamed.


  6. Odegle, I'm in shock. I thought that was one of the best, sorry, better schools in Nairobi. Well, looks like this tribal thing is getting out of hand. Subjecting kids to that kind of stuff aint funny. I can just imagine the trauma...... I'm perplexed!

  7. Odegle, I'm in shock. I thought that was one of the best, sorry, better schools in Nairobi. Well, looks like this tribal thing is getting out of hand. Subjecting kids to that kind of stuff aint funny. I can just imagine the trauma...... I'm perplexed!

    Min Hawi

  8. YOUR SUCH A TRIBALIST ODM uncircumcised fuck. Kibaki aint going no where.

  9. OD, is there any way you can gather a group of parents to protest this collectively? I understand how difficult it is; and you definitely don't want your kids to be singled out. I would talk to some of the other parents. There's unity in numbers. This shouldn't be happening. We don't want our kids to start learning about segregation first hand at such an early age. As someone previously stated, maybe if it got out to the media it would enlighten the masses as to the idiocy of some of these campaign tactics and help people make an educated choice. This has been bothering me since you first posted it, and everyone I discuss it with is just incencessed!

    Now, regarding that last post;just embarassing. It's sad that certain characters are permeating everywhere. I wish there was a way to delete. But then again, maybe we shouldn't even aknowledge such ignorance.

    You have our support OD!!!

  10. @anno & annon! the tribal thing is really really scary i tell you. in fact it just gives weight to the need for majimbo so that regions can take care of themselves and have all resources they need including centers of academic excellence

    @no-spin, you can bet that am already gathering a few parents who are equally mad about this. and trust me, no one wants his/her children to learn the tribal enmity that we grew with during the years of nyayo. everyone seems to want their children to enjoy their kenyanness. like Ruto says, this is an idea whose time has come and am sure tribalists will not win against this wave!


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