Monday, October 29, 2007

Of kisses and churches

When i came to Nairobi to look for a job (since there was no majimbo), i enlisted to act with phoenix players theater at the professional center. it had always been my dream. the good old Jemo who was the director gave me a complementary ticket to the show that was going on at the time in order for me to appreciate the standard of plays. the show was titled 'Fools' staring Ian Mbugua. it was a hilarious comedy and every line caused roars of laughter. but the underlying message was very strong. the story was about a city on which a curse had been cast. the curse made everyone in the city very foolish. the curse would only be broken when the mayor's only daughter got married and received her first kiss.

Now that was where the plot thickened. the beautiful daughter was engaged alright but she could neither get married nor get that powerful kiss. why? because of the fool curse. the fiance could not get himself to do the noble thing and even the girl had very funny answers to every one of his proposals. so the city lived with their 'fools curse' until one day a foreigner who was supposed to be the girls teacher came to town. he fell 'foolishly in love with the girl and even though he was told about the history of the city and the curse, and even the edit that only the fiancee could marry the beautiful daughter of the king, this teacher defied all that and one day, completely unable to contain himself, pounced on her and kissed her very passionately.

The curse was broken. 'wajinga wakaerevuka!' the fools experienced a sudden surge in intelligence and wisdom. one notable thing that happened was that the mayor's wife set up several businesses. she became so organized that even her husband had to book an appointment to see her and so on

in the present kenya, i cant help but draw a parallel with that story. it reminds me on a guy who went to a party called KANU and 'Kissed' the party. the hitherto loyal followers of the party leader suddenly became fiercely independent and one of them is even running for president this year even though his former leader had declared that no one in the party was fit to be a president. not even his friend. at that time they had clapped and cheered him when he made that statement. while the rest who used to follow their leader so loyally are now charting their own cause. in fact i was shocked to hear them say on TV. 'Hiyo support yake kwa rais ni yake binafsi!

moral of the story : Never kiss strangers!

and as that was happening, one Hon Bill Ruto who is a non catholic reminded me ; a staunch catholic, that the catholic church of which John Njue is cardinal is governed through majimbo!

and he is so right. since Njue is coming to Nairobi to head the Jimbo Kuu la Nairobi. where i was born and brought up, we were under the Jimbo Kuu la Kisumu. there are also Jimbo Kuu la Nyeri, and Mombasa. there are other smaller jimbos like Jimbo la Nakuru, machakos, Eldoret, Kakamega etc. Ruto went on to ask Njue how come those majimbos of the catholic church have never caused tribal wars!

Meanwhile, the clashes in mount Elgon are going on unabated as are the ones in kuresoi and parts of eastern province even without majimbo. no pastoral letter has been sent to Kibaki to condemn these clashes. during Moi's time, the catholic church used to issue pastoral letters criticizing the govt every time they heard any small sob or sniff anywhere in the country.

moral of the story: Sin aint sin if your friend commits it!


  1. Dear Brothers and sisters,
    According to Hon Raila among "Other Promises " KQ and other Establishments,Private or Public after ODM Takes Over,they will have to think twice Or Else....
    This is what he said in MERU over the weekend;
    • The Government owns 75% of KENYA AIRWAYS and therefore the ODM Government will Give it a Directive to Ferry MIRAA (Khat)!
    Mr Waiting President i beg to differ. KQ is a Private Entity and you cannot give Directives on how it should Operate or what they must Ferry! For your Information,KQ's Structure reads as Follows;
    (Dutch carrier KLM owns 26% of Kenya Airways,the Kenyan government 23% and the rest of the shares (51%)are traded on the Nairobi and Uganda Stock Exchanges.)
    The only way to make the Govnt a Major Share holder is by Taking over Private Ownership by Reversing the 1996 IPO !
    • Kenya Airways Operates under International Aviation Guidelines and it is a member of IATA,SKYWARDS TEAM among other Aviation Bodies and it is a signitory to Global anti-Narcotics Declarations that Shun all manner of anti social Drugs and Narcotis among them MIRAA ! I believe the International Airline that did the last narcotics Haul was Afhganistan Airlines!
    Even Personal Medical Drugs need a supporting Prescription to go on board.
    I stand to be Corrected
    Now that you are Promising too much what do we as KQ Shareholders Read!
    Will you push Directives down the throats of Private Companies among other Publicly Quoted ones...and so what is the FATE OF NSE JUST ONE WEEK AFTER YOUR ASSURANCE that NSE is Safe??
    Please guys Wake up and Listen to Raila b4 you Vote him In !!

  2. These elections have gotten everyone back to tribal cocoons even blogs that are known for investment vibe are now Ondingas campaign media. Odegle stop stooping so low man concentrate on investment talk so many bloggs are doing politics. See the kind of comments ur attracting.

  3. @first annon, i agree with you about the issue of KQ. but politicians are just that; politicians they can promise most anything. its all about generating passion. but dont you think your comment is rather out of sync with this particular post?

    @second annon; i have no idea where u get the idea that i am campaigning for odinga or ODM. but in my post, i have a strong leaning towards majimbo. it doesn't matter who implements it. i think that majimbo is good for Kenya.

    secondly i dont think that we should shy away from commenting on politics. after all business is about politics. certain, administrative structures which are determined by politics would either favor or disfavor certain businesses.

    thirdly, i invite you not to stoop too low and point at the things you generally dont agree or agree with in my post as opposed to rushing to conlusions!


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