Monday, May 28, 2007

voice of the young?

The activities of the vijana tugutuke group as well as statistics from the good old samuel kivuitu may be sending us a very strong message. if its indeed true that 67% of the registered voters are currently young people then it may be true that the youth are seriously fed up with the old men's leadership and are focused on wrestling power from them. if the attendance of the gutuke rallies are anything to go by then the old should be afraid , very afraid. and good old samuel already challenged the youth when he stated that he first went to parliament when he was only 26 years old and that he was elected in westlands and not his tribal backyard. now any youth with fire in his belly would give that a serious thinking. in deed we know that the likes of matiba were in senior civil service positions when they were only 24. it would be interesting to see the young people like nyambane (walter) , kiarie, kaimenyi driving to parliament to debate policies with the likes of michuki. comedy of comedies!

and again last week when michuki was talking about mungiki , i couldn't help but notice a similarity with mau mau. may be mungiki are not only about extortion of money from matatus and kidnapping. what if they insist that only mungiki members be allowed to stand for election in the areas they control? if they can bravely take on the police and murder like that with abandon, they must be knowing they are standing on dry ground. maybe mungiki is another way young people are again telling the older generation that if you wont share, we will take by force! mungiki may just be another revolution like mau mau. we know that even then michuki must have dismissed mau mau as just thugs but they were more than 'normal' thugs. and even though they were crushed they bloodied the noses of michuki and his colonial bosses

but if my seemingly allegations were to be true, what would that portend for the investor public? that the leadership would change hands from the old legacy business men to young gun trotting men and women who only want to start creating their wealth?

however, am afraid that the mungiki could simply prevent the older politicians from even presenting their nomination papers and that would make them go to parliament unopposed.


  1. That's a scary thought! I'm all for the youth getting involved in politics and bringing change and fresh ideas and governance, but vigilante justice creates disturbing "Liberia like" scenarios in my mind. If these thugs have their way, it would take us back to pre-colonial days. We've come to far in Kenya to let these hooligans run rampant like this (specifically referring to Mungiki).

  2. youth is no panacea - i think the history of youthful leaders in africa
    has been woeful at best atrocious at worst - the long line of youthful leaders who became presidents at young ages inlude, smauel doe, mobutu sese seko, yahya jameh, haile mariam mengistu, siad barre,eyadema, omar bongo. remember moi was a youthful 54 when he ascended to power - i'm for ideas not youth.

    A young person with dangerous idea is far more dangerous than an old man with no idea. look at cuba they have had to live with Castro for 50yrs

  3. no be frank , am not taking these young peoples recent interest lightly. especially mungiki, they may want to go the whole way. if they decide they do not want to be used anymore anything is possible especially if they decide to terrorize anyone in an opposing camp. then that way we would have the whole of central and parts of eastern and rift valley provinces ably represented in parliament by mungiki! if that is not already the case

  4. I hope you are not saying Mwenje that renowned brawler is a mungiki follower..

  5. Ngeno (Kipkelion parliamentary aspirant).I find it odd to vote in an old retired chap when we have young strong agile ,learned and future aspiring youth.The reason is that most devopment issues touch on the youth who in modern world are the labour force.Thats why politicians use this lot to gain by giving them money and blinding them with mere promises in the expence of the whole community.It is therefor time for youth who fall in the age of 18 to 42 to rise up since they have nothing to loose but chains.I URGE MY FELLOW YOUTH TO SHUN DIRTY POLITICS, TRIBALISM AND EMBRACE TOGETHERNESS.I hope my fellow youth will take courage and support me and other youthfull aspirants.


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