Friday, May 25, 2007

things we see on TV...

TV can be very frustrating sometimes. did every one see mugabe making a fool of himself the other day on TV or was i seeing my eyes (aneno wang'a) ? addressing such a strong gathering the old man decided to go at the British's jocular with insults and so called challenges. he went on and on about tea and so on. but he was speaking in English! dressed in probably English suits etc. but that is not my beef. am more concerned with the fact that Mugabe knows for sure that he has murdered millions of people by his tyranny and poverty of ideas and instead of talking about that he chose to keep mum and instead try to divert attention. my horror was the fact that he used a Kenya platform! this reminds me of the way philip Ochieng dedicates his column to bashing president bush for murdering sons of men in Iraq based on a useless war and loudly ignores the senseless killing in mount elgon, kiambu , muranga etc. philip sure knows where the bread is buttered!

then in another TV show, i had a participant of a talk show claim that in order to solve regional imbalances and marginalization (commonly know as tribalism) we need to inter marry. even a presidential aspirant who was in attendance claimed her only qualification to head our beloved nation was because she has a heritage of the kamba, kelenjin, coast and her children are half maasai. poverty of ideas.


  1. who is the presidential aspirant?

  2. Mugabe is such a disgrace! Recently i watched the movie, 'the last king of scotland', a satire about Idi Amin, I was just thinking to myself that they did not really have to make a movie, just film Mugabe in action!

  3. Everyone knows that in laws can become outlaws in the twinkling of an eye so Nazlin has no point there. BTW sh rather likes making issues of non-issues that will lose her many point.


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