Monday, May 14, 2007


I have been tagged courtesy of Mama Shady
7 things the bloggers don't know about me. well i must say i am touched by Mama Shady's gesture. now, mmmmm lets see.

1. I am actually an IT professional, and i have done IT all my life! have got several years experience in major enterprise systems, ERP systems, major databases including Oracle and SAP. I also have major industry certifications. but my absolute favorite flavors are HP-UX , AIX etc. basically UNIX
2. I believe am good at what i do since i have bagged some major industry awards of excellence
3. I am multi lingual, i speak 4 major international languages: Luo;- spoken in kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and parts of west Africa, Kiswahili;- spoken in most of east and central africa, English;- the official language of business and bureaucracy the world over and finally French;- the language of love , peace romance and fun! (my wish language is luhya the language of culture, laughter, arts and faith, i hope to learn it soon)

4. i love blogging finance, investment and economy related issues because of my passion. (anyway i also have a masters in finance) but my pet discipline is mathematics and all its relatives

5. I believe the only necessary ingredient for success in any field of choice is passion. if you have a goal , all you have to calculate is a passion for what you want to do and go get it done.

6. i am a poet and an actor. i was also once a choir teacher( i still hope to get back to it some day i love choral music) i also once acted with phoenix players theater under the great jamo (James Falkland)
Am a failed fine artist, though i once used to do some great portraits and landscapes.

7. I am tall and of athletic build. people who see me often suppose i would be a great footballer or basket baller. there is this time we had an inter-departmental soccer tournament, i took a strikers position. the opponents gave me two markers. they thought from my physique, that i would be lethal. needless to say it took them only 5 minutes to realize they didn't even need to mark me! i was benched after only 10 minutes. ( i have no passion for sports)

since i have this feeling that i am at the bottom of the pyramid of tagging, i am not going to attempt to pass on the baton. Thank you Mama Shady, i hope i have done my bit


  1. I liked your list.
    I have noticed that people who have a mathematical background tend to share some similarities.
    I am one such person and I too love singing and acting though I have not done so in years, and writing too. I have zero interest in sports and in those rear moments when i have to watch football with my husband, I use that time wisely,building castles in the air...

  2. youre welcome!wow!that was an interesting list!an IT specialist/mathematician/poet, who conducts choirs acts and blogs about finance!heh, its an inspiration. i didnt know jango was spoken in west africa!and those qualifications...but do you say huh ;)thats cool!liked your list!

  3. Eh, monsieur, the choir thing sounds out of the way, for the qualities you have listed. quand meme tu es vraiment doue!

  4. You are so well-rounded: math, poet, IT, music, finance and linguist! Interesting reading.

  5. @mwari, you know they also say that those who can create music are actually very intelligent, maybe thats why they can handle
    @mama shady, then i guess you did not know that it was also spoken in Egypt and parts of north Africa. testimony to fact that some people in these parts still refer to their king as quer , a corruption of the Ker among the Luo,
    @anon, oh, j'adore le chœur
    @Ichiena, i didn't know you were back! karibu sana.

  6. Lwo is spoken in sudan and ethiopia too
    interesting huh... its interstinh how having an eats african community could change the dynamics of tribe in kenya especailly for group like the maasai,luo,luhya,kuria and others that are cross border

  7. since the luos are all over,would this make it the most dominant language after swa in East Africa,anyone has the numerical data on the luos in uganda and TZ?

  8. Singing (choral) - check.
    Disinterest in sports - check.

  9. @anon, wa! that information. to think i did not even know that!

    @Anon, am not sure about their numerical strength but today i was i just discovered they are also in the congo!

    @egm, talk of birds of a feather...

  10. Interesting picture you've painted of yourself. Couldn't have guessed (save for the finance bit...)

    1. UNIX: ls, grep, cp, mkdir, chmod and a few other commands
    3. Je parle francaise aussi
    4. Blogging check, finance + economics + investing check
    7. Passion for sports! Sad that you are bilaz. Would be perfect!!!

  11. Omera! Where exactly is luo spoken in west Africa? Mani wach manyien


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