Thursday, May 10, 2007

beating the ponzi shchemes

For the first time, i saw people come out guns blazing in defense of ponzi schemes. i was not surprised the first time but the second time, it was actually the would be 'victims' who were voicing their support and that got me thinking. they asserted that they had seen development thanks to ponzi. they claimed they had got very high returns. I will not argue

however the easiest and best way to beat the schemes pants down right now is to set up a parking lot in town. the car crisis is unspeakable and if you tried to get to town last Saturday then you probably know what am talking about. there was gridlock everywhere, most cars trying to get the scarce parking. street boys and other related people are making quick bucks 'selling' parking slots to motorists who still pay the city council for any car that is not moving whether its parked on the road, pavement or carb, you pay the yellowed pple their money! in Kenya there are very many parallel governments! i don't know what those boys make in a day but given that out of desperation, motorists are willing to part with as much as 100/= just to get the slot, they must be very happy. indeed i saw that one other landlord has realized this and starting june, the public will be able to use their parking bay.

still on cars and robust economy, last week, after being late for an appointment, some guys were blaming the traffic for all the inconvenience. said one; the economy is growing too fast. said another , the rods are too narrow. offered a third , the matatus should be banned from the roads. well at the point i offered that none of the above is true. since i saw in SA with such great infrastructure the jams were still impossible and getting from sandton to midrand was next to impossible although they have sweet 4 lanes each way!

me thinks that the solution to the congestion in towns is to do like unto the southern Sudanese and take the city to the people. in Kenya everything is centralized. everything happens in Nairobi. all the best facilities are in Nairobi so invariably every one is in Nairobi hence the jam and lack of parking. when i offered that suggestion, the conversation died.

on another note, are there any blogs out there that deal with recruitment. i know Bankelele always offers tips on vacancies. but are there any that focus on that? especially head hunting and related activities?


  1. Odegle, did you read the press release by Deci last week in the Nation? It was pure crap, invoking the almighty's name without telling saying how the scheme is structure, infact one did not need to read the whole of it to tell that it was thuggery.
    I have always though that the only way to beat matatus is to have a very efficient train system operating in the city. if you have ever been to the railway station in the morning between six thirt and eight thirty morning then you wil getting convinced that its an option.
    A friend of mine has always said that the most bogus people in this country are the City Plabnners at City hall, he syas had they been doing what they were trained and employed to do, then we would be facing very few problems in terms of road reserves, parking space (imagine if it was a conditon for every building in town to have basement parkingo; collapsing buildings etcetra etcetra.
    Anyway I got a temporary solution for one getting into town briefly, Nakumatt Lifestyle have a basement parking at fair rates; first one hour Kes.40!!

  2. @Jakarumba, on deci i think you said it!
    on public transport, i agree train is a very good option since it carries many people but we need to improve the train to 1. take more people and 2. go further distances. like how would it feel to live in nakuru and work in nairobi, as long as you have an efficient train service?

    at nakumat, these days its very hard to get a parking slot, but the people sitting on a goldmine are the university of nairobi. all that ground behind the 844 building, what would happen if they dug it up, put up 3 tier parking and charged even a modest 30 bob ?

    imagine currently if you a student there, you pay only 100/= for a whole year for a parking sticker!

  3. conversation killer

    How about opening up the city 18 hours-6 days?

    Hopefuly companies will stagger their schedules-

    who can ignore the saving on desk space etc,

  4. When the schemes promise returns of 30% a month, they are going to draw in some serious 'investors' and defenders.

    On parking, the city shoudl put up multi-storey parkign garages and charge by the hour.


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