Thursday, May 17, 2007

desperate, impatient or just gullible

You know what ? i honestly don't get how come Kenyans are being duped by these promotion scams. only a month ago, a friend with whom we were in college called me to share his joy. his girlfriend had just won some special prize from Safaricom and all they were asked to do was send 800 shillings airtime so that they could claim their prize! ok i really don't know where to start. for one Safaricom are the ones who sell airtime, why would they want you to send airtime to them? and secondly this girl had not participated in any raffle or promotion so which special prize was that? then before i could even sigh, i get another call from a former colleague. the guy says that his uncle has just won a double cabin pick up from safaricom. that was 3 days after the promotion had ended and safaricom had dutifully published the names and faces of all the winners. however this 'lucky' uncle had already sent the 'mandatory' 3000 shillings in airtime to the promoters so that the vehicle could be registered in his name. o boy!

And as if thats not enough,DECI has now decided to move out of town where people are enlightened to the rural. they said it was because of the death of the finance manager. i guess that means that when they get back their victims shall have forgotten their money. thanks to Kenyans' amnesia. after all they forgot about Moi's tyrany only 30 days after kicking him out of office. but what will u say to that, i know a guy who put in 200K just the other day my financial advice fell on deaf ears. However the saccos have sounded an alarm , rather late though, about the dangers they are likely to face since members took money to 'invest' in the pyramids.

but really the bottom line of all these cases begs for answers, what is the issue here?


  1. it is a mix of being too trusting, naive and selective amnesia-thinking only others get duped ....

  2. Desperation, Greed and Ignorance. This can be a deadly cocktail. It always seems to me that even some reasonably clear thinking individuals will throw rational thinking out the window when faced with desperate situations. I feel sorry for these people but when one is freely gambling away their rent and their children's school fees, it really leaves you wondering whether they even deserve pity.

  3. Odegle,

    Saw the chief architect, Ndonde on KTN last night(21/05/2007) and got pissed. I'm not a DECI investor but clearly he is conning people. Pyramids are formed with the sole aim of defrauding people.

    The meet no economic principle and do not fall under any category of merry go rounds. Unfortunately there are no goods or services to be sold.

    What DECI has done is to tap into the gullible and easily vulnerable church-goers and made a mockery out of them leaving them more destitute! I fail to understand why anyone would not question how the scheme is making its income. Most of those victims would shun multi-level marketing which is also a grand theft scheme where the loosers are the late entrants. But unfortunately got blinded by the well-put Christian talk.

    To realise it is a dubious scheme not even a merry-go round, one ought to have wondered how the scheme's staff were being paid? Their money off course. And how is Mr. Mdonde earning his Salary? Even Merry-go rounds do not pay salaries/bonuses.

    And if the scheme is paying well why advise clients to invest in NSE when they can always re-invest in the scheme? This should be an early warning to those who made their kill with defrauded funds from fellow unsuspecting church-goers.

    The biggest failure of DECI is that despite if development and capacitative title it has, no one can attest of having being trained to be self-sufficient income wise with business skills but rather got all hooked the initial 'harvests', that they went took sacco loans to put in DECI.

    I'm truly proud to be Kenyan(sic) and surely some will shift back to GNLD/Tianshi which are also multi-level scheme. But have the loosers who are the late entrants.


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