Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the road to development

like the upperhill, the waiyaki way is a road unto development. along the highway, there are many 'modern' highrise commercial buildings. some are complete and new ones are coming up. people are simply running from town. the problem is that it is rumored that most of those buildings that are built dangerously close to the roads are actually on road reserves. the reserves having been sold to them by the moi regime. yeah right blame everything that goes wrong on the moi regime. how is that for scape goat. the downside of it is that this road can therefore never be expanded.

however on the left side of the road is Nairobi school. Nairobi school is such a disappointment. the school is massive. on one side it has two football fields side by side and another enough land for two more pitches. and thats not all. the front side has even more land. am told this school has enough history and success to its name. there must be stong people who make up its alumni. my problem is, during all these years, hasn't there been any reason or need to improve on the school. like to pave the walk ways , roads etc, put up new buildings. set up tertiary colleges on those expansive fields. after all as one housing agent told me, kids dont play ball these days. in fact the administration of the school is only content with hiring out its beautiful fields to wedding planners.

They say growth is constant but in the case of this school and its old history, classroom and housing, growth ain't constant. however the principal makes good use of the school bus. its used every morning as school transport system for primary schools in westlands and parklands. i know since the bus ripped off my car door once. when i asked why a school bus which should be used for school activities was being used commercially, he said that all those kids belonged to teachers teaching at nairobi school. so that stopped it from being misuse of funds and facilities provided by parents of nairobi school boys.

kwa njunguna is still as operational as the sun. i pass several cars packed dangerously by the wayside. and people munching their favorite choma. honestly, there is something that doesn't go down well with seeing young beautiful women on high stools eating nyama choma which has been cut and place on a choping board! its just not ladylike. its as fashionable as wearing office suite with sneakers!

a news alert from nationmedia tells me that Kibaki government (not Kenya govt) will pay school fees for all secondary school going pupils as from next year. this was kalonzo's pet campaign agenda (its called stealing the thunder from the thunderous)


  1. I'm wondering what will happen to those on road reserves once that 2B Chinese road project between Msa road and Museum hill takes off. I figure getting rid of roundabouts and creating better access will mean using road reserves ama?

    As for secondary fees, since it will be factored into the June budget, whoever will be in power in 2008 can take the claim for implementation, regardless of whoever's idea it was in the first place...

  2. @mwasjd, i too wonder where that expansion will be.


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