Friday, July 25, 2008

pornography ...for breakfast

I heard a story one time of a young woman who was born-again and was getting married to another born-again brother. During the pre-nuptials fellowship, both the families were invited. the girls family as well as the young man's family. after a lot of preaching, worship and singing, it was time for testimony. Testimony in the evangelical worship is quite integral. the story goes that the young woman got up and gave a testimony of how she met the Lord and he saved her life. she went on to give the juicy details of her former life which she called a life of prostitution saying she could not even count how many men had laid her. it was a shocker. even though this was a gathering of saved people with high forgiveness quotient, the mother, the sisters, the aunts of the man could just not reconcile themselves with the prospects of their 'clean' son marrying a whore! the marriage did not proceed.

The story taught me that there are things you can say even if you were saved and there are things you must not say. a human being must have secrets. and private life must remain, mmmm errr private.

fast forward, enter fm stations with young upward mobile presenters and all of a sudden every one wants to discus their private life in public. its getting worse by the day. i normally awkwardly have to drive with my finger on the radio buttons to change channels. the music is great but it stops all of a sudden and listeners are being asked what they think of the caller who had CFA with this man and now wants to dump him. or what they think of this sex style. or which tribe is best at pare pare and so on. everywhere i turn to its the same story. I often wonder who is so keen as to discus live pornography as early as 7AM. initially i heard these shows were aired at night for the benefit of the single and lonely. but now, i hear them throughout the day even evenings. incidentally this is the same time kids are either going to school or coming from school. Surely! and to make matters worse some stories are so awkwardly lurid that even as an adult you are left wondering how someone can say that on national radio! and its worse if you use public transport since you have no control over the radio!

but as radio stations were going down koinange street, yesterday two TV stations performed a first in Kenyan or even world history. I saw them host Prof. Sam ongeri live on two separate talk shows in separate stations at the same time! Ok i dont know if the good old prof has a double or magic powers. after all he comes from the land of the powerful witches.

yet one man who urgently needs more divine power is one Ali Mwakwere. How on earth can you be so laid back when people are dying and your ministry is in such a mess. indeed i now agree with my friend who said that you can be promoted to your level of incompetence. he had warned me against raw ambition. that the higher you climb the more you expose the holes in your cassock. But surely the MPs who showed kimunya the door can help us? yesterday i watched in horror as they showed a ferry almost sinking and killing all on board! The minister was well as expected: mum.


  1. I hate listening to Kenyan fm stations going on and on about very unpalatable topics. In a matatu it's worse...especially if you are in there with some very senior citizens the age of your mum or dad and some school kids. you can easily see the discomfort everyone is under, but has no choice but to listen. SHAME ON THEM ALL!

  2. So why is it OK for pastors to go around scaring people with the things they did before they saw the light.
    In fact there are throngs of young men and women who have strayed away from the church to go and do those things before settling on the straight and narrow with the man upstairs.

  3. I noticed Prof. Sam's magic act last night [KTN said they were live, NTV did not make any claim] NTV are really missing Julie Gichuru.

  4. I have heard such stuff when I listen to Capital online ie the Trust promotion and it's just not right for that time of day! That is the stuff for late night radio not morning or afternoon!
    As for the chica's confession, a woman's moral transgressions are never forgiven in church. I knew this girl who got saved that had a very morally ambigous past, all the girls in the church used to tell their brothers to stay away from that girl.

  5. Should we say lack of creativity and imagination. I for one love good music and of course matched with a descent radio presenter.
    I'm sure one does not have to be vulgar to attract an audience, because I've seen it happen.

    I actually for a moment thought I had lost touch with reality when I boarded a matatu last year with my mum and we had to endure an excruciating discussion of which tribe produces the best women in bed!. Actually we had a few people calling in to join the conversation!

    -Funny the way you say this shows initially were meant for the lonely at night... I guess the lonely are now many during the day.

  6. the ministry of broadcast and communication is sleeping on the job. How can it allow stuff like that to be aired in the day?
    Hon. Samuel Lesuron Poghisio, are you listening?

  7. Thank you all. i now feel much better. i had thought i was alone in it all and losing it. it looks like there are more of us who are as disgusted.


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