Monday, July 21, 2008

All that glitters

I hate seeing or listening to one man called Wakoli Bufwoli. For no reason at all apart from the fact that he has constantly disapproved my judgment. 'meeting' the man as an MP way back in 2003, i could not help but lament at what the NARC euphoria had brought to us. it was like the waste that comes with the flood after a heavy rain. i predicted that it would be the more eloquent and straight talking Kituyi who would rise above his cowardly and clueless chairman Kombo and become the next president of Kenya (of course after being appointed VP). In fact Kituyi even turned down a prestigious international nomination for office for my predictions to come true. However yesterday it was Hon. Wakoli with his staccato speech giving the direction of the hitherto forceful FORD-K party. defying his PNU president Kibaki on the need to dissolve the party. Hon. Wakoli was just one of the few Former MPs in Western province to beat the ODM wave. not even the VP survived. never judge a book by its cover indeed!

But there is another book that was misjudged and is giving investors sleepless nights. Safaricom was supposed to go up 4 times on day one to enable enterprising Kenyans to sell and buy plots in prime areas. I think Kenyans and land are like Siamese twins joined at the hip!

However one month down the line Kenyans are seeing their loans getting heavier as the price dips further. they are selling in droves and i keep on getting questions like will it ever go back up? What i wonder is, do people really ask themselves this question: If they are selling , who is buying and why? is that buyer the most stupid man in this country of intelligent people?

talking of intelligence. You will probably be shocked to know that one of the latest schools in Nairobi to go on strike pretesting hard exams, Upper Hill SS, is actually one of the best boys boarding school in Nairobi Province and admits only intelligent boys from primary. early this year i was with a distraught parent whose son missed the school by a whisker and was hovering around the primary school looking for help from the teachers. ah well great expectations bring great disappointments. However even after one kid died in the strike, my lips are still sealed as i find no moral authority to condemn the young boys. reflecting on the events of the recent past, i feel all of us Kenyans must be jointly and severally held liable for the mess in our schools right now.


  1. Hi there OD: I'm a little confused on this thing about exams being hard. I was just reading that there's a plan to scrap mock exams. Back in the day, the mocks prepared us for the real thing. Have things changed as far as the difficulty in exams or are we just raising a bunch of slackers who are unwilling to work hard? Please enlighten me.

  2. @no-spin, I am actually persuaded that there is a deep underlying issue here. a kind of pent-up emotion. I think the claim of hard exams was may be just the spark that was required to ignite the dynamite. we need to investigate

  3. well one can really condem them ..they saw for themselves that violence is acceptable and can solve problems...only what they did not see yet is the myraid of concequences coming form those actions

  4. intelligence: buy low, sell high
    foolishness: buy high, sell low

  5. Yes, OD, our schools are us,we are our schools.


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