Friday, July 18, 2008

Of TV and jokes

sometimes, watching TV you feel like entering the box and talking sense to the those guys. in fact you can quite relate to those fans who in the '80s used to smash their radios when there favorite team (either Gor or AFC leopards) conceded a goal. yesterday i felt the same watching Loui Otieno live in nyeri. the people participating went on and on about them (kikuyu) being hated since they hate sitting around doing nothing. and every example they gave went something like: "when we get employed anywhere, we don't just sit back and wait for salary, we have to put up a small business or shamba to supplement the income..." ah well but which employer wants someone who also runs a business? i once had a colleague who had business in town. the guy used to have all the excuses in this world to get time to go attend to his many affairs. in the end the job was never done. have we been wondering where the rain started beating us? why services are not given? why you can never get officers in the office? why it takes 3 months to get a passport etc. well it was all on citizen TV yesterday. What actually is fraud? is it not the same as what i was hearing on TV jana? stealing time from your employer is just the same as goldenberg or anglo, etc. and employers are getting meaner even receiving personal mail or browsing non business sites is treated as fraud these days!

Its that same thinking that made traffic policemen also own matatus, procurement officers sell to the same company they worked for and so on. to think someone can be proud of it as to announce it on TV! no funny at all

another thing thats not funny is the kenya comedies. actually each time i see a new comedy come up on TV, i give one more thumbs up to the man called ojwang and co. The monday show on NTV is a case in point. i normally feel forced to laugh. citizen tried with papa shirats but the thing has simply degenerated and jalango's trial at imitating the poor luo kiswahili just doesn't hit home. ok i acknowledge luos are generally less than average in Swahili but they dont mix themselves up that much. the jokes ends up being lost in the farce altogether. Again joking about other people is never funny the funniest joke is always one that make us laugh at ourselves.

But i always wonder how the guys behind tahidi high have managed to hold this long. how come the show is so fresh, well rehearsed, well researched, well acted and well produced? how is that yet these are still Kenyans just like the mwala team?

so much for TV, whats going on in school??? did i hear that some school boys went on strike to complain about hard exams just at the time another was demanding modern music system in the school bus? reminds you of the time nairobi university went on the rampage to demand goat meat or when our own good old KB school went berserk to demand long trousers. oh what age does to reason!


  1. Most of these businessmen do not pay taxes. Whether VAT or income tax.

    In fact few make any accounting profits- the don't provide for depreciation, bad debts, owner compensation/personal expenses etc.

  2. I, too, can't stand people's bragging about how entrepreneurial they are when the reality on the ground shows a starkly different picture. Touchy subject, though, that one of starting biasharas when you're still employed. Question is; where will jobs come from if everyone, after complaining and rioting because of hard exams, gets out of school with only one plan in mind; getting employed? There must be a matatu before there is a matatu driver, au sio? Plus, unless you are indispensable to a company, ain't no way you want to get 'napping' in case of retrenchments/rightsizing in the increasingly global business world.

    Of course every tribe has an accent and I think it's 'cute', hence the sense of humour, not cause for alarm.....imagine a guy from a particular tribe calling you 'honey' but you think he said 'Annie'.....if Luos can't speak Kiswahili, try the Kikuyus from Central huko ndani where we were born and bred-utachangaa kweri.

  3. @fimbo, quite true, quite true

    @pkw, touchy subject indeed. i just guess that the employed should invest their savings as opposed to actively running businesses and give their time to their employers. those who are not employed should then run those biasharas for them!

    i sud suwaly aglii windth you on the accend valiaty dhing!

  4. Hi,
    I just want to say i love your blog. Got to it through KCIG. You are so real!!!


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