Thursday, August 07, 2008

This 7th of august...

This day 10 years ago, i was traveling back home, after a brief job looking stint in Nairobi. the bus stopped in kisumu and we went into Kimwa grand for a cup of tea. on TV there were vague news about some horrible happenings in nairobi. i must admit i was not fully awake so i did not realize what just happened. when i reached home, my brother told me about the bomb blast at the co-op house in nairobi, but my bro who was a teacher was convinced that the bomb was actually done by president Moi to destroy teachers records! at that time there was a dangerous stand-off between the giant teachers union KNUT and Mr. Moi over salary increases. the teachers service commission was housed in co-op bank house. Mr. moi was known for many nasty and shocking things that he did to remain relevant and most teachers at home were actually convinced that he was behind the whole thing.

However slowly as the day wore and more news came, we started to see the truth as was. that the bomb was actually an act of hate against Americans and that we were merely pawns in a dangerous ego and revenge game. My heart , prayers and thoughts today go to all those who lost their lives, their loved ones and their hopes in that bomb.

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  1. Very sad indeed. I'm sure you did not expect to be where you are now. Or maybe you did, I dont know. I remember being caught in all the confusion in town, jumping into the nearest mat (luckily was heading in the direction that I would eventually end up), and watching it all on telly. That's the day my sister's dreams of being a nurse were thrown out of the window. They had music festivals at the KICC (they happend at this time) and when the blast occurred, she says she ran from KICC towards the blast area, coming across peoples jaws, limbs, tatters everywhere. It still haunts her. We must all condemn these acts of terrorism!!!


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