Friday, July 04, 2008


i have been jolted into action once more by coldi. i have no idea what happened to my blog. but looking at it its more than half a month stale. not by choice though.

some good news first. i got a donation of 7,000 from no-spin towards Urenga primary school. I also learnt that no-spin is actually in California. Thank u very very much. other pledges came from Florence Wamwiri in Nairobi and nyarshady. Am very delighted and grateful. and the kids are doing well in school. the girl in the provincial school has moved up to top 6 and is the leading French student in the school (not just class).

Some bad news; first on Kimunya, actually there are two reasons i haven't commented on this saga:

1. is that people normally say we resemble at least facially. Some pple have even asked whether we are brothers.
2. I think he is one of the brightest and smartest working ministers we got. and his having a youthful face goes a long way in encouraging our young people to perform.
3. I refuse to believe that Kimunya could do such a thing on his own and alone. the man is being fried like the proverbial scapegoat for other people's sins. you never know maybe the Libyans funded the last election campaigns.

one other minister i admired a lot was the man called mwiraria, i was sad when he got implicated in the anglo leasing thing. But he restored my pride when he voluntarily resigned and allowed investigations to be done. the man maintained his cool and gentle nature to the end. my pride was restored.

i will be hoping my 'face sake' Amos will keep our brand great and make an honorable decision.

another sad news, mugabe, ok enough has been said of the man. but am not getting it: How on earth can you stay on as a leader when your country's economy is in such a state. is it not shameful to be a leader of such a 'thing'? and his wife? cant the wife give the poor man some reality check? Why do men marry anyway?

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