Monday, July 07, 2008


I suspected it but never entirely expected it. Mr Amos Kimunya, using the same old tired strategy of blaming 'enemies of the tribe' for his tribulations! I was shocked to hear that on TV. that quote ' are the ones being targeted! ' i was like 'ouch!' and he had the soft underbelly of central Kenyans to strike. the man knew how to dangle the tribe card. be blamed one Raila Odinga Amolo. it was easy to see why. Raila is probably not very much liked in central province and if Jesus were to come back with a name called Raila (since he said we know not the format or time, all those guys would run to hades) . Now that shocked and disappointed me. i had thought kimunya would have been wiser. which makes me give more credit to kibaki. sometimes it helps to just keep quiet even if you are right. people seem to side with the seemingly voiceless defenseless guy. but when you open your mouth and utter such incredible things you remove all the doubt.

But going back to my earlier post/thought, kimunya surely is a young bright minister. but is intelligence , hard work and youth enough? This thing has reminded me of some young guys who had to be let go from where i worked due to such kind of things. and in the near future, integrity and cleanness will form an integral part of requirements for employment or any other forms of engagement. Thinking of it if i were to employ a house help, it would not matter to me if she/he made the best dinner, sweeter far than those of java house or mercury. it wouldn't matter if her washing was brighter than sunlight or her ironing were crisp like new. No it wouldn't is she/he were also a thief! or if she/he also sold my goods to neighbors.

In other thinking, i would like to watch how kipipiri and indeed the wider central Kenya will react. will they defend a thief meaning that no one better with cleaner hands could emerge from there? or will they act like the meru who showed mwiraria the door? showing the whole world that even from stones, God can raise another meru leader and that if you stole , you were on your own?


  1. And Raila's Molasses plant scandal, will Luo's continue to support Raila with this scandal still floating around him?

  2. I do not support any corruption. Raila put out a huge ad in the papers about the deal.

    I think all the deals should be investigated by an INDEPENDENT group that is composed of the private sector.

    In all the cases of wrong-doing financial penalties be imposed on the wrong-doers and we move on as a country.

    Perhaps pattni was right... he was ready to dis-gorge his ill-gotten wealth if we 'forgave' him.

    I think Kenya could do with a few billion from the beneficiaries of the past deals. They could be ruto, jirongo, dan moi, giddy moi, kenyatta family, odinga family, pattni, somaia, saitoti, etc

    Going forward all should be above board even if it takes longer.

  3. @Kenyaluv, I don't know about molasses plant, i thought it was publicly auctioned and the highest bidder bought it. If you were already born and old enough to fathom issues at that time, you should know. However if you have any other information, this is the time to give it. its a brave new world!

  4. @coldi, its a brave new world. to be frank the MPs did us proud this time. there was no blind loyalty or tribalism exhibited during the debate. Even the premier yesterday faced the same music alone!

  5. Kimunya should have resigned at the slightest whiff of corruption. He did not - and that makes him no leader in my book.
    That said, I am not so sure the vigorous debate on the floor of the house was not for cameras OR was motivated by the fact that Kimunya had, in one suicidal move, dared to suggest that our honourable hyenas should pay taxes - in the budget.
    But hey, Kimunya was still sent home so I guess I am not too sad.


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