Sunday, December 30, 2007 itaendelea

horror can not describe what i saw on TV these past few hours. but i was rudely reminded of when unknown people took control of my car at gun point drove me roughly into a dark , cold and wet forest and then proceeded to rob me of everything i had including my wedding ring; a priceless band which i had won for so many years. the robbed election victory and the hasty swearing in at state house was to me a reminder of that grave night and a sign that such evils will continue with impunity and that my word, need or wish and that of millions of other kenyans will never be respected in this country.

its time to mourn


  1. OD, most of us are just shocked beyond belief. It's 2007,not 1969. So what was the point of voting? No wonder PNU waited until September to start their lackluster campaign efforts. And the swearing in, why so hasty if these people are confident of their victory. And for Michuki to shut down all media! What's going on ... this is a horrid reminder of the Standard Fiasco. I think ODM should take this matter to court. It may be a futile exercise because the judicial system seems to be controlled by the government, but we could, at the very least, get a recount. It is indeed a sad day for democracy.

  2. Od, Big up to all kenyans who went out and voted. Its sad how things have turned out after a very peaceful voting day. Kibaki is a dictator, a thug, a thief and I guess an abused husband. I'll echo no-spins comments that ODM should take this to court but we all know which way it'll go. Democracy has been swept under the carpet and replaced by a bunch of morons who think they are playing poker. Very sad.
    Big thanks to kenyanpundit who has kept us updated with all the happenings on the ground.

  3. I am holed up at my apartment in Ngara. I am a disappointed Kenyan who voted for Kibaki, believing most of Raila's policies were hasty and economically unfeasible. However, I expected that either Raila or Kibaki might carry the day and was quite willing to toast to my friends in ODM as we move on, should Raila win.

    I had not contemplated that I may have more sense than Kibaki.

    There are no two ways about it. Rigging is ILLEGAL, WRONG, AN AFFRONT TO THE INTELLIGENCE OF EVERY KENYAN.

    No champagne for a stolen presidency. PNU lost and we should accept that. The bloodspilling is on our hands.


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