Friday, December 28, 2007

They tasted blood

in the short story Tekayo, grace ogot told of the mzee who ate a strange liver he got by shooting down a hawk. the hawk had a piece of meat which the mzee then roasted and ate. the taste was far better than anything he knew and he spent the next months looking for a similar taste without success. however he one time killed one grandson and tasted the liver, he found it to be exact match. from there , a cannibal was born!

well thats rather extreme example, but i couldnt find anything with which to compare the kenyan voter. the anger is palpable. yesterday, i got the westlands primary school queue at spring valley. and that was about midday. the line was that long but voters just kept patient and waited for their turn to vote. the same story was replicated almost everywhere in the country. last night the results started trickling in as painfully slow as ever. but with them came news of massive retrenchment of ministers, MPs even a vice president!

for some, i expected but for most am utterly shocked like mwiraria, kagwe, nyachaye, kombo, kirwa! surely; qu'est ce qui se passe!?

but Rift valley is leading in their brutality showing no respect for the have-never-lost professor of politics. all his sons went by the sword reminding one of King Saul in the old testament. others were total man and paul sang

the kenyan voter tasted the sweet blood of the heartless MPs and presidents for the first time in 2002, and they are showing relentless thirst for more.


  1. These results could not be any better. Raila looks sure to take this thing, voters are already cleaning parliament by removing morons from the benches starting 2008. Kagwe has done a lot for Mukurweini- that was a shock. But it is all good -remember the fiasco of the media bill? As for Nyachae (chinkororo power failed), Mwiraria (little to show on the ground, murmurs have been there), Kirwa(wrong choices), Musikari(sycophancy doesn't always pay)...a pity that ODM will have the likes of Sally Kosgei and Ntimama. I guess a revolution is like a flood, sweeps in the good and the bad. Hope Tinga doesn't give such individuals any responsibility other than toeing the official government line.

    More ministers are yet to fall.

  2. addendum:

    I usually desist from making fun of matters religious, but here is some prophecy on these elections that you might want to check out:
    The second section clearly predicts a Kibaki win. Wanna bet?

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  4. God save Kenya. What I've seen on BBC 24 news is ugly. Im starting to get very worried now


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