Thursday, December 13, 2007

interesting show at alliance

the comedy or is it tragedy of the Narc administration (Kibaki leadership) from its founding days before the 2002 poll through the historic loss in '05 to date is captured equally comically at the alliance francais de Nairobi. the published cartoons from leading caricaturists from Paul kelemba to my man favorite Gathara. its actually history in the eyes of the artists and its very aptly captured. a new artists whom i did not quickly recognize from his signature has very comically captured PNU's campaign strategy. they have a seemingly iconic statue of Raila surrounded by PNU strategists, vomiting on it , throwing dirt and all sorts of things on the statue. as if to mean that PNUs manifesto only offers kenyans Raila bashing and no more.

and more is going on for artists, the newly opened wasinii restaurant is very tastefully decorated. with real nice table designs and great ambiance. but the fact that the packing is charged so highly may deny them customers. who wants to relax in a pub knowing full well that at the end of his 'rest' he will pay more at the gate. otherwise the patronage is still many young and aspiring thespians all of whom turned to look at me when i entered the joint.

for better relaxation maybe you try the new sherlocks inn at the nakumatt lifestyle. maybe they read my blogs and have greatly changed the place. its beautifully decorated and have hot rods band performing only that the paint is still fresh and quite revolting.

back to arts , you can catch Eric Wainaina's production Lwanda the Gheto story at the breaburn. and if you pay for that you get another musical completely free! Heartstrings ensemble is also preparing their show 'Please call me starting this weekend. Tax for either shows : 500 /= only

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